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How To Spread Holiday Cheer This Year

The holidays are the time to focus on family and the spirit of giving. Every holiday season, we are reminded of the importance of helping others, the benefits it can create for those we help, and how these acts of kindness can positively influence the world around us. When we are there to help others, we also help ourselves. If you’re looking to get into the end-of-year holiday spirit, here’s how to spread the holiday cheer around this year.


Donate Your Clothes

Donate your unwanted clothing and Christmas sweater items to shelters. You’ll be giving others clothing to stay warm this holiday season while decluttering your closet. Spreading holiday cheer is a two-way street. You benefit by helping others, and they benefit from you.


Your donations might make someone smile this year! In addition to donating your clothes, see if there is a toy donation drive. You can purchase toys to give to children and truly make their holiday season memorable. Look at your local cafes for signs about the upcoming toy and donation drives. You might be able to donate to more than one in your local area alone.


Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

You can help others by volunteering at local soup kitchens. Help the staff prepare meals for those in need or deliver food to shelters. There are many opportunities to help others by getting involved in a soup kitchen or similar organization that helps support those in need. Get involved and see what volunteering opportunities are available to you. You can also volunteer to ring bells for donations outside malls and other public places. Spread some holiday cheer by doing your part to better the world.



Bake Cookies With Family

There’s nothing more comforting than homemade cookies and other baked goods. Spread holiday cheer with your family this year by baking together and spending some quality time in the kitchen. Use a family recipe or create your own to pass on! Whether you’re craving chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, baking cookies with family always hits the spot! Spread some holiday cheer and please your sweet tooth by baking holiday goodies with those you love.


Rescue An Animal

Spread holiday cheer by rescuing an animal! Adopt a pup or cat in need of a forever home! You’ll get a furry friend to care for and save a life. When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, it’s pretty hard to top becoming a local hero and a pet parent on the same day. You can also volunteer to help homeless pets. There are tons of organizations to work with. Just do a quick search online to find an organization near you, and then get involved! Especially around the holiday season, volunteer organizations are always looking for help.


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