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8 Easy Ways to Avoid Buffering Issues When Streaming Videos?

The Internet has become a basic necessity and it is hard to plan a day without using the internet at all. Therefore, internet service providers like Mediacom have grown in value due to their reliable internet plans and scalable speeds that keep you connected to the web at all times. Due to the internet, we have now come to streaming content online and it has made our lives easier since we get to watch our favorite content at our own time and pace.

Regardless, there is a time when you face issues with your internet and consistently face buffering issues while streaming videos online. We have brought easy fixes for you in this read today.

Dive in to find out the easy ways to avoid buffering issues while you stream content online.

1.      Closing Background Applications

Your computer might not be able to stream video smoothly if it is running a lot of other processes or multiple programs at once. The other applications continue to use system resources even when they are minimized, running in the background, or doing nothing. Therefore, shut down any unnecessary program if you experience buffering issues

2.      Put Streaming on Pause

This is the most used technique for avoiding buffering issues whenever you are streaming video content online. Just pause your video for some time. Yes, we understand that it gets hard to resist, but just let it pause. It will allow the video to buffer a longer while ahead, making it convenient for you to play and then not getting stuck with having to wait till it ends buffering again and again.

3.      Reduce the Video Quality

It takes longer to deliver a video file to your computer or mobile device the larger it is. You won’t have to wait as long if you reduce the file size. Simple fix, just downscale the resolution of the video. It is not even tricky to do, you can see the setting button on the side of the video and you can change the resolution within seconds.

4.      Reduce the Number of Connected Devices

Wherever you can, make bandwidth available. Wi-Fi devices are pinging your wireless router, even when you are not using them, hence the use of bandwidth. If you have several laptops, cellphones, and other smart gadgets in your home that might mount up then it is best to have them disconnected when they are not in use. Every device has the option to turn off Wi-Fi, right? So why not use it.

5.      Connect to Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

The invention of Wi-Fi has surely made our lives easier, as it allows us to get to the internet at whatever distance. Wi-Fi technology has indeed gotten better and faster, but when it comes to making the most of your internet speeds, and reliability, nothing beats an Ethernet connection. When you are streaming videos, try switching to Ethernet if you can. You can connect your laptop directly to the cable and enjoy the blazing fast speeds.

6.      Clear Your Browser Settings

You must try clearing up your browser settings to improve your streaming experience. Since your browsers have a local cache that keeps the information about all the websites you visited previously, including the cookies, it may get overloaded and result in slowing down your connection. Therefore, cleaning your browser is a good way to boost your streaming speed.

7.      Get Higher Internet Speeds

Different speeds are available from internet service providers at various pricing ranges. When supporting multiple users, most individuals opt for a faster internet connection speed so that the entire family can watch or browse at once.

8.      Reset the Wi-Fi

Many people don’t realize this but Wi-Fi routers/modems do need regular maintenance. Although the newer models do come with an automatic system for firmware updates by the manufacturer, it is best you just reset it now and then for it to work at its optimal capacity. For resetting, all you have to do is switch off the device, count to 10 and turn it back on. And you’ll be done.

Final Remarks

The aforementioned are the most effective ways that you can avoid buffering during your streaming session. So, deploy these methods if you need them and enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

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