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7 Golden Customer Service Rules to Abide By

‘In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the store, we sell hope.’

Charles Revson, Founder of Revlon

Learning about marketing, the first thing to know is that you ought to invest in relation-building with your customers more than anything else.

No matter which business industry you belong to, customer service gives you the room where you can make a difference. While most companies have aced the product sector, the competition lies amongst the ones who offer better customer care and invest in customer relations.

The basis of a successful business is engraved in good customer service. And, I have found this first-hand by subscribing to Cox en Español – the company not only offers superfast internet speeds at affordable rates but also excels in the customer care domain.

To help you improve your customer service and subsequently, here are some golden rules that you must ensure within your company.

1.      Active Listening

Imagine being frustrated because of a warranty issue with your PC and then going to your retailer to find yourself stuck with a rep who instead of understanding the problem, tries to school you. Wouldn’t that add salt to the wound?

Active listening is more important than you think. Listening intently and then responding accordingly is what makes communication all the better. Most people focus on talking back before listening and that is the recipe for miscommunication as well. So, the first step to being good at customer service is you ought to be a good listener.

2.      Respectfulness

The reason you remain in business is that you have customers. As such, make sure that you respect your customers to the point they feel valued. Your customers are not just numbers in a ticket queue and so you have to take out time to understand their needs and concerns while treating them with the utmost respect.

3.      Optimism

Positivity goes a long way in not just business but every path of life. While many might argue that blatant optimism contradicts reality, it sure brings a better perspective to life. Being in customer relations, you would have to deal with clientele of diverse backgrounds experiencing problems of various natures; but keeping your head high and looking out for a solution with a positive demeanor is what will let you go through it all.

4.      Courteousness

Every interaction a customer has with a business, whether it be online, in-person, or by phone, leaves an impression on them. Good customer service starts with two fundamental components: courtesy and endurance. Even when on call, a smiling face goes a long way. Always be polite when communicating – use expressions such as “it has been a joy helping you,” “thank you for choosing us,” “sorry to keep you waiting,” and “we are thrilled to have you as a customer.”

5.      Problem Solving

Customers complain to you because they are dissatisfied and want you to make a change. Give your customers what they are asking for, whatever that may be. Furthermore, Your effort counts more than you can imagine because even if you would not able to solve the problem, your customers might appreciate the hassle you would go through for them.

6.      Straightforwardness

Many customer care experts believe that straightforwardness is one of the attributes a business should possess. Consider your customer an equal and refrain from the idea of dodging them. Communicate the situation as is, with them – instead of making excuses.

What will satisfy a customer is a question only they can answer. Ask directly what can be done to better the situation. While taking that hit can be uncomfortable, doing so is ethically right and beneficial to the company’s standing.

7.      Constructive Criticism

Finding out how customers perceive your business and responding to their complaints and comments are important aspects of running a successful business. Your products or services can go from average to great by fine-tuning what is effective and what isn’t.

To supplement your business growth, getting feedback from your customers works wonders. What’s more, by requesting customer reviews, you may indicate that you appreciate their viewpoints and are interested in enhancing their experiences.

The Last Words

Investing your time, energy, and money in customer relations is a great way to show your customers that you value them. Your customers possess the power to make or break your business and in today’s connected world where each person has a well-heard voice, one person’s experience might be enough to ruin your company’s entire reputation. As such, treat all your customers, as they should be, like kings and queens.

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