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Are 22RE engines good?

Are 22RE engines good?

The 22R and RE are by far the most reliable engines Toyota ever built, I had three pickups with both the 22R and RE engines and never had a problem. All of them had well over 200,000 miles on them. When I sold my 92, it had over 350,000 miles on it.

How long can a 22RE last?

Yes they are. Well designed and quality parts. A well maintained engine should get you to 400,000 miles.

How do I get more power out of my 22RE?

Top 6 22R/RE Proven Performance Upgrades

  1. Header. A header (exhaust manifold) is one of the best “bang for your buck” bolt-on performance upgrades for your 22R series engine.
  2. Cold Air Intake. A great compliment to a header upgrade is a cold air intake kit.
  3. Electric Fan Kit.
  4. Cylinder Head.
  5. Big Bore Throttle Body.
  6. Flywheel.

What should the compression be on a 22RE?

Should be between 142 and 171 with less than 14 difference between high and low cylinders.

How many quarts does a 22RE take?

OIL RECOMMENDATION: You are going to need between 4.5 to 5 quarts of oil. Either way, we recommend your first oil and filter change at 400 miles after the installation.

Why buy Toyota 22R series engines?

Our Toyota 22R series engines arrive ready for duty, sporting performance and durability above the original manufacture specifications. Each Toyota Pickup, 4Runner, Land Cruiser II, Celica, Cressida and even the Hilux engine we produce is completely remanufactured – not rebuilt – to our exacting specifications.

Why buy a remanufactured 22R engine from S&J?

Your newly remanufactured 22R engine will exceed expectations. Improved power, economy, smoother operation and pride of ownership are all kicked up a notch when you pull the trigger on a remanufactured crate engine from S&J. A Work Horse – Not a Show Pony.

Do all 22R long blocks come with a rebuilt cylinder head?

’85-’95 22R AND 22RE re-manufactured long blocks come with a rebuilt or new cyl head. ’79-’84 22R and 20R re-manufactured long blocks come with a rebuilt head. Built per customer order. You will need to use some of your timing cover bolts due to the use of A/C or not.We also have early 22R blocks with 20R cyl head available.

What kind of kit does a Toyota 22R pickup have?

Fits 1980 to 1984 Toyota 22r pickups. The full gasket kit includes all gaskets to rebuild the 22r engine. It is an O.E. equivalent quality rebuild kit meaning the kit meets or exceeds O.E. standards. The timing kit contains both stock rails both stock fully hardened gears Japanese chain and tensioner.

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