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Are any phone cases made in the USA?

Are any phone cases made in the USA?

We’ve found truly great iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel cases made in the USA. From affordable and practical to gorgeous custom wood phone cases, American craftsmen and women have you covered. Plus we found excellent American made screen protectors that even conform to rounded edges.

Where are mous cases made?

The men and women behind Mous were almost bankrupt, living off noodles and sleeping in cockroach-infested hotel rooms, after giving up everything to study the mass-manufacturing process first-hand in Shenzhen, China.

Who manufactures cell phone cases?

Overview of Phone Case Manufacturers

  • 1-Otterbox.
  • 3-Ringke.
  • 5-Incipio.
  • 8-Cygnett.
  • 9-Anker.
  • 10-Spigen.
  • 11-Marware.

Is otterbox Made in USA?

The Otterbox is Made in USA, China and Mexico. Their headquarter is located in CO USA, the questions you must ask yourself when you are buying a Otterbox case does it comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty or not.

What cell phone is American made?

Factory workers assembling the Moto X will make as little as $9-an-hour, if the help wanted ads are to be believed. Today, Google-owned Motorola is officially announcing the new Moto X, an Android-powered device that, as its ads remind us, will be the first smartphone actually manufactured in the United States.

Is Mous a US company?

Co-Founder Will Mullen is based in Shenzhen, China, while his Co-Founders, James Griffith, Lucy Hutchinson and James Day are based in London. Not one of them has a broken phone. Visit to check out our products or come and say hi on socials @mouscase.

Where is Mous shipped from?

Salt Lake City
All orders for this particular store are shipped from our warehouse based in Salt Lake City, United States of America within 24 hours on business days, with DHL. MOUS offers a variety of shipping options to countries around the world.

Are CASETiFY cases made in China?

“This forced us to create a plan B, which was to diversify our production, even though the best factories are in China. Fortunately, within a month, manufacturing was back to normal, but it was important we made this change in order to survive.” Bruce Lee x Casetify phone covers.

Is CASETiFY made in China?

Casetagram Limited, trading as Casetify, is a Hong Kong-based company that designs and produces phone cases and electronic accessories. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Los Angeles. …

Where are Incipio cases manufactured?

Irvine, CA
Everything we innovate is made with you in mind. And it all starts at our HQ in Irvine, CA. Our tech-obsessed team of innovators and designers develop a unique product idea from start to finish.

Where are Ringke cases made?

Ringke Fusion (phone case for Pixel 4A) is made in Korea.

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