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Are court records public in Alberta?

Are court records public in Alberta?

The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta values the open court principle and its policies enhance access by members of the public and media. Except where restricted by law or a judge’s order, courtrooms are open to the public and media, and court records and exhibits are available to view or copy.

How do I look up a case law in Canada?

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) – browse or search for Canadian cases by word, name, citation, date, jurisdiction, etc. HeinOnline – browse or search Canada Supreme Court Reports (listed under Case Law) or search for a case citation in HeinOnline using the Case Law tab.

What are the five divisions within the provincial court of Alberta?

Provincial Court can be divided into 5 areas: Civil, Criminal, Youth, Traffic and Family.

Can you look up criminal charges in Alberta?

22, 2021 in select Alberta RCMP detachments. Criminal record check information typically obtained from RCMP detachments can now be accessed online.

How do you find case law examples?

How To Find Free Case Law Online

  • Introduction.
  • Google Scholar.
  • CourtListener.
  • Caselaw Access Project.
  • FindLaw.
  • Justia.

How do I look up case law on Google?

From the main Google Scholar search page, select the radio button for “Case law.” Type your case citation or case name in the search box and click the Search button. Keyword searches of the full text of case opinions may also be conducted from this screen.

What are the four levels of court in Alberta?

In Alberta the Court system includes three levels of Courts:

  • Provincial Court: Criminal Division. Family Youth Division. Civil Division. Traffic Division.
  • Court of Queen’s Bench.
  • Court of Appeal, and the.

What is the Provincial Court in Alberta?

The Provincial Court handles the vast majority of criminal and regulatory offences in Alberta and also hears Civil cases up to $50,000, Family, Youth and Traffic cases.

How do you go to court on Zoom?

To attend a hearing by Zoom, go to If this is your first time to use Zoom on that device, you might be prompted to download the app from the AppStore – there is no charge for this app. Click “Join a Meeting” and at the “Join a Meeting” page, put in the Meeting ID: 2158156506.

What is traffic court in Alberta?

Traffic Court is part of the Provincial Court of Alberta. It deals with offences pursuant to many provincial statutes and regulations, municipal bylaws and a few specified federal statutes. In spite of its name, Traffic Court is not limited to only hearing traffic related offences.

What kind of cases can be heard in Alberta Provincial Court?

Provincial Court of Alberta. The Provincial Court handles the vast majority of criminal and regulatory offences in Alberta and also hears Civil cases up to $50,000, Family, Youth and Traffic cases.

How do I pay a traffic ticket in Alberta?

To pay by mail: send to the Provincial Traffic Production Centre, 601 – 5 Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 5P7. Please make your cheque payable to the Government of Alberta. Through a registry office. You must take a copy of your ticket with you. A fee is applicable. Court contact information for traffic closure matters.

Is the Provincial Court of Alberta responsible for the content of CanLII?

The Provincial Court of Alberta is not responsible for the content of any external website, including Provincial Court judgments published by CanLII or any other publisher.

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