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Are Kutztown dorms coed?

Are Kutztown dorms coed?

Schuylkill Hall is a co-ed residence hall that offers a recreational room, laundry room, and a kitchen.

How much is KU housing?

KU Housing and Meal Plan Costs

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $9,900 $9,544
— Housing $6,084
— Meals $4,266
Other Living Expenses $3,198 $3,198

Can you have a pet at Kutztown University?

Pets/Non-Service Animals Pets, except toothless fish, are not permitted in any residential building on campus. To review the complete Animals On-Campus Policy, please see Kutztown University Policy DIV-003.

Do you have to live on campus at Kutztown?

Kutztown University has established a policy that full time undergraduate students (less than 60 earned credits) who are not veterans, married or living with parents or legal guardian with a zip code within a 30-mile radius of Kutztown shall be required to live in a university operated residence hall.

How many dorms are at KU?

8 halls are traditional: Battenfeld, Douthart, Stephenson, Grace Pearson, Sellards, Pearson. Miller and Watkins are also traditional halls, but the residents are assigned to 7-person kitchens rather than all-hall kitchen and dining. 4 halls have suites: KK Amini, Margaret Amini, Krehbiel, Rieger.

What dorms are on Daisy Hill?

Daisy Hill* Move In. *Daisy Hill includes Ellsworth, Hashinger, Self, Oswald, and Lewis Halls.

How much is housing at Kutztown University?

Room rates cannot be guaranteed. Costs will range between $3,065.00 – $4,815.00. Consult the Housing Cost page or contact the Housing & Residence Life staff for details.

Does Kutztown have a curfew?

It shall be unlawful for boys and girls under sixteen (16) years of age, such persons being defined for purposes of this chapter as a child or children, to be, or remain, in or upon the streets (which includes the area located between the building lines as set forth on the topographical survey of the Borough of …

What is the myku portal?

myKU Welcome | myKU Portal myKU is a central hub for information and services at KU. myKU makes it easy for students, faculty and staff to access many KU services all from a single location. Skip to page content Help

How do I sign up for Ku housing?

You must be admitted to the University first, then apply and sign your housing contract through the myKUportal. The housing application and contract includes a nonrefundable $50 fee, unless you’ve received an Admissions fee waiver. Be sure to select your appropriate student category below to view your application timeline.

How do I get first choice of my Room at KU?

These steps give you first choice of your room. Housing Contract Opens — Online Student Housing application and contract opens at the myKU portal site. Once you’ve completed your application and contract, you may apply for special communities, including scholarship halls, Honors, Engineering and more.

Why choose a residence hall at KU?

KU continues to maintain its residence hall rates. Living on campus at KU means quality surroundings and great opportunities to get involved and make friends – all at a reasonable price.

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