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Are lobster ball machines good?

Are lobster ball machines good?

#2 – Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Ball Machine If you’re looking to improve your fitness for singles, or just hit a lot of balls, this tennis ball machine is a great choice. In addition to its large ball capacity, this machine can hit balls as fast as 80 miles per hour for high-level tennis players.

Is the slinger bag worth it?

For $599—significantly more affordable than most competitors (and a couple of months of tennis lessons)—you can work on the shots you struggle with on your own time, on a public court. For anyone without the time or money to join a tennis club and hire a coach, the Slinger is a great training tool.

Do tennis pros use ball machines?

The tennis pros don’t use ball machines most times because trainees aren’t able to focus and gain the required skills. The recognition skill is the ability to track the ball in flight by its basic properties (speed, spin, height, depth, and direction) to get the ball in their preferred strike zone for an accurate shot.

How do you reset a lobster ball machine?

Step 1 – Check Reset Switch If it is showing any white around the reset button, press it back in and turn the machine on. 2. On Elite models (EL0A-EL03) the reset switch is located on the front of the control panel.

How do I turn on lobster elite?

Press the REMOTE switch located on the control panel to ON to activate the remote. Turn the BALL FEED dial to select a 2-10 second feed rate. From the opposite side of the court, press the buttons on the handheld remote to turn on/off the feed and/or sweep.

How long does a Slinger Bag last?

How long does a Slinger Bag hold a charge for? Battery Life depends on usage. If used on low settings including Oscillation, then the battery life is up to 3.5 hours, and this reduces to 1.5 hours when used at maximum speed, feed and oscillation (and including cell phone charging).

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