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Are planning meetings open to the public?

Are planning meetings open to the public?

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public except for when confidential, personal or financial information matters are being discussed. These items will be marked as closed items on the agenda and members of the public will be asked to leave for the closed part of the meeting.

How often do planning committees meet?

every 2 to 8 weeks
Planning committees generally meet every 2 to 8 weeks depending on the local authority, the time of year and the number of applications. Special meetings may be held for particularly important applications.

Who is head of planning at Cheshire East Council?

David Malcolm –
David Malcolm – Head of Planning Regulation – Cheshire East Council | LinkedIn.

Are planning committee meetings recorded?

Planning Committee meetings are recorded and available to view on the Council’s website and YouTube channel, usually within 3 days of the meeting.

What does the planning committee do?

The Planning Committee is responsible for making decisions on the bigger and more sensitive planning applications received by the council. During each meeting, the councillors must consider all the planning issues raised and then decide whether to approve or refuse planning applications.

What happens at a planning committee?

The Committee considers the Planning Officer’s recommendation and arrives at their decision by means of a vote. A decision to approve or refuse the application can only be made after the Committee has debated the issues. Members may decide to defer consideration of an application.

What happens at planning committee meetings?

The Planning Committee generally deals with all larger scale or finely balanced planning applications which raise significant policy issues. At the meeting the members have to take into account all the planning issues raised and then decide whether to approve or refuse planning applications.

Who is the deputy leader of Cheshire East Council?

Councillor Craig Browne
Councillor details – Councillor Craig Browne.

Who is the leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council?

Cllr Louise Gittins
Cheshire West and Chester Council is the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester….

Cheshire West and Chester Council
Leader of the Council Cllr Louise Gittins, Labour since 10 May 2019
Chief Executive Andrew Lewis
Seats 70 councillors

What does a planning committee do?

Their job, as planning committee members, is to assess proposals that offer development ideas for the benefit of the local economy and community. Committee members take into consideration a wide range of factors when making decisions, including community interests as well as local policies and national legislation.

Can you attend planning meetings?

Who attends the meetings? All committee meetings are open to the public. Often, members of the public affected by the planning applications or their agents are present and some arrange to speak at the meetings.

How does the Planning Board work in Cheshire?

Planning Committees Planning functions in Cheshire East are dealt with by a Strategic Planning Board and two Committees, the Northern Planning Committee and the Southern Planning Committee. The Committees work on an alternating three week cycle. Terms of reference and delegation of functions (PDF, 204KB)

Where does the Northern Planning Committee meet?

The Northern Planning Committee meets in Macclesfield and the Southern Planning Committee meets in Crewe. All applications not dealt with by one of the planning committees are delegated to the Head of Planning and Housing. Approximately 90% of applications fall into this category.

What are the meetings for Strategic Planning Board?

This page lists the meetings for Strategic Planning Board. Earlier meetings. Later meetings. Earlier meetings. Later meetings. 1. To oversee the division of the Council’s Development Management functions and workload in order to ensure timely and consistent decision-making at the most appropriate level, and to that end

How do I View meeting papers and expected councillor attendees?

You can click on most meetings to see the papers and expected Councillor attendees. To search by meeting type use Agenda, Minutes and Reports.

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