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Basic advice for military essay writing

A military essay is a type of essay – a composition of a small volume related to a military issue, written in a free, individual and authorial manner of presentation.


A military essay may include elements of reference information and statistical data (for example, in military production) concerning a given topic. In addition, important sources are military reports and political reviews from the media to reinforce the arguments of one’s own convictions. Often, in order to illustrate the importance of the army in the life of the country when creating an essay on military topics, references to historical events and military battles are insert.


One of the methods of eloquence elaboration in military educational institutions is the writing a military essay.

Here are some advices on writing a military essay

  1. Take your time. If you have chance, think over the arguments that you will be able to stand up for. Haste will only hurt you. Trying to create a big essay of six paragraphs in 1,5 hours would not be a success. Give yourself time to collect your thoughts, write and verify what is written. Put as much efforts into your work as you can in the period allotted to you.
  2. Brainstorming. If you have the ability to choose what to write about, take a topic that comes closer to you, which will widen your horizons.


As topics for writing a military essay, you can use the value system on which military and other types of civil service in the Armed Forces are based:


  • the civil duty – the constant internal need of the individual in a highly moral attitude to the military and other socially significant requirements of the state;
  • military duty – readiness to uphold the interests of the country as set in the Constitution of the country, laws, the Military oath of military regulations, orders of commanders and superiors;
  • professionalism – the degree of mastery of one’s official duties and the ability to successfully perform the tasks;
  • military skills – the level of professional preparedness of a soldier.


Collect and record all the material that you can find on your subject. This will help not to miss anything. Get a notepad, text file or note on your smartphone or tablet, which will always be on hand to record a fresh thought. You can also use the techniques of fast scanning reading, if you need to collect material in the shortest time. A good military essay depends a lot on your understanding of the subject.

As sources for writing a military essay, use should be made of written documents of military specialists that are exposed in various publications – military encyclopedias and dictionaries of military terms, statutes and manuals, textbooks and teaching aids, staff documents on the organization and conduct of hostilities, the use of weapons systems.


  1. Write an introduction. It is assumed that the introduction is the most important part of an essay, because it defines whether your text will attract the attention of the reader or not. A good beginning will give the readers general information about your essay, attract their attention and bring them read further with interest.


Start with an amazing “tricky part”. This should be the first sentence that will engage reader’s attention. It may be a quote, question, fact or anecdote, definition or humorous situation. If it helps to impress the reader, you did everything right.


  1. Formulate the main part of your essay. You should have at least three paragraphs in the body of essay. Each paragraph should contain a basic idea that becomes a part of your argument.


Use your own thoughts

The truly correct essay is that you need to skip all the collected material through yourself and form your own position.A distinctive feature of the essay on military topic is the use of terms and terminological phrases, commands that are fixed in the statutes and manuals, military science and military-technical texts, as well as the secession of military vocabulary – military jargon. Therefore, be sure to apply in your essay military dictionary.


  1. There is a sense to connect the last sentence of each paragraph with the idea of the next paragraph. This technique is available to link paragraphs and a smooth course of thought in the work.
  2. Finish your military paper with a conclusion. In general, it is a good moment to once again designate your main points and finish all the work with your final thought. If this is something that the reader cannot easily forget, your essay will make an indelible impression.
  3. Proofreading and editing. The spell checker on your computer can help to check the spelling of words (if possible). In the end, double-check your work to be sure the content makes sense. Ask others to check your essay. The more times an essay is verified, the easier it will be to find mistakes.



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