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Basic tips for successful MBA essay writing

The student’s MBA essay is the most memorable part of all the submitted documents. There are 2 reasons why it should be prepared carefully. The first reason is that your MBA essay is your chance to stand out among equal and even stronger competitors. Foreign universities receive the best students from around the world. School scores and the basic knowledge level of your competitors definitely not lower that yours and even maybe exceed yours. So, a brilliant MBA essay will highlight you among others.


The one is that the MBA essay can smooth out the flaws of your application documents. You may have chosen a program that does not coincide with the previous education, you do not have specialized work experience, or you simply have not got a few points on the GMAT. A motivation letter will help to properly present this information and shift the emphasis to your strong points.


When preparing to join a business school, many applicants seek professional help in writing an MBA essay in MBA essay writing services, as, f.e. Pro-Papers MBA essay writing service. The work of such MBA essay writing services like Pro-Papers MBA essay writing service is based on an individual approach to the client, which helps to create a quality MBA essay for you. Experienced specialists will help to reveal your individuality, select the best examples and life stories that can distinguish you from the whole array of candidates.


When writing an MBA essay with no outside help, the main thing is to follow a few basic rules. First of all, read your MBA essay requirements. Register online in the university system and find a description of the requirements in it if needed. Pay attention to the required amount of words or typed characters in your essay.


Before writing your MBA essay, consider the content. It is necessary to make a list of questions that need to be answered in the process of writing an MBA essay: What aspects are important to you? What the results you achieved during school or other activities show? Confirm with concrete examples. Do not write simply: “I am smart.” Tell us how you managed to solve a difficult problem.  Why did you choose an MBA? Why do you want to devote your life to this particular profession? Tell us what impression the first independent achievements made on you or how you were fascinated by a specific idea or phenomenon. What are your occupational ambitions? Demonstrate how the education you want to get corresponds to the logic of your personal and occupational development.


  • Be natural! Do not make it your goal to say what admissions officers would like to hear. Express your thoughts and share your experiences.
  • Try to make your introduction interesting and demonstrative, make it so exciting so that readers want to read further. Just remember that the introduction should not be prolonged, you have a limited scope of MBA essay.
  • Share information about yourself. MBA essay is the chance of a lifetime to communicate with the business school. Focus on yourself. Write what will definitely remember to any one and will attract your reader, share your feelings so that the admissions officers can feel what you felt. Show everyone that you’ve got growth and development. The admissions officers want to see how you grew up, when you went through some situation. Be sure to write about what difficulties you have gone through, what you have achieved in the process.
  • Use the original language. It is necessary to re-read your essay several times so that you use interesting words and grammatical structures. Be careful with humor, rarely anyone can use it correctly.
  • Give clear examples. Do not just write that you are the absolute leader. Describe the situation, give examples where you have demonstrated leadership skills.


Check the essay many times, contact your friends, relatives for help. A good technique to check your MBA essay – read the essay from the end. When you read from the end you are not concentrating on the mistakes, but focus on words and spelling. Count the words. If you are asked to write 500 words, do not write more than 10 – 20 words over the established limit. If you need more tips on writing MBA admissions, you can look through the following page: .


What you absolutely shouldn’t write? Do not try to be someone else. You will not be able to fool the admissions officers who have seen thousands of essays and will immediately see that your description of yourself does not coincide with the other documents. Do not use common clichés, they show that you cannot independently express ideas. Do not use many quotes. They create the impression that you do not have your own opinion.


Remember all these tips on writing an MBA essay and you will certainly have a good deal of luck!


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