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Can coaxial carry surround sound?

Can coaxial carry surround sound?

Digital coaxial cables are very common and can deliver 5.1 surround sound audio, just as a Optical or Toslink cable. They are typically used to connect a subwoofer to an audio receiver, and the difference in sound quality between a digital coaxial and a optical cable are nearly indistinguishable.

How do I connect my 3d Blu ray player to my TV?

HDMI (In/Out)

  1. Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI output on your Blu-ray Player, to the HDMI input on your TV.
  2. Make sure the both the Blu-ray Player and the TV are powered On.
  3. Set the Input on your TV to match the input you plugged the HDMI cable into.
  4. That’s all there is to it! You’re done.

Do I need a coaxial cable for DVD player?

Unlike analog stereo audio, coaxial digital audio only requires one cable to transfer the signal. The device pictured above is a DVD player, so the coaxial connection is a digital output that sends the DVD audio to an amplifier or AV receiver.

What sounds better coaxial or optical?

And, in our experience, compared to optical, a coaxial connection does tend to sound better. That’s because it has greater bandwidth available, meaning it can support higher quality audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. Optical is usually restricted to 96kHz.

Is digital audio coaxial cable same?

A digital coaxial connector looks like an RCA connector, but it transmits digital data instead of analog signals. The digital coaxial cable is thicker than a typical audio cable, however, because it uses the same type of shielded coaxial cable you use to connect your television to your cable box.

Are all Blu-ray players 3D capable?

No. All you need in order to play 3D Blu‐ray discs is a 3D compatible Blu‐ray player and any of the new 3DTVs. 6. Although, there are exceptions: some Blu‐ray players – such as the PlayStation®4 – can be upgraded with a firmware update, so that they are able to output the full‐resolution 3D signal.

What does coaxial cable look like?

What does a Coaxial Cable look like? Coaxial cable has a distinct thick, round shape because of its interior insulation layer. Its size makes it look very different to other types of cable, such as twisted pair or Ethernet cable.

Is a coaxial cable the same as a RCA cable?

A coaxial is a type of cable while RCA is a standard connector. RCA utilizes coaxial cables. Coaxial cables have other uses apart from RCA. RCA is already out-of-date while coaxial is still widely used.

What does a coaxial digital cable look like?

Can you hook up a DVD player with a coaxial cable?

DVD players have a multitude of different outputs, including RCA, S-Video, HDMI and sometimes coaxial connections. Some older TVs, however, have only a coax, or cable connection, as an input. However, it is still possible to connect a DVD player without a coaxial output to these televisions.

How do I connect my 3D Blu-ray player to my TV?

If you have a 3D-capable Blu-ray player, AVR or pre/pro, and TV, the HDMI connection is exactly the same as described above. But if the AVR or pre/pro is not 3D-capable—that is, it can’t pass 3D signals from the player to the TV—you’ll have to connect the player’s HDMI output directly to the TV’s HDMI input if you want to watch 3D content.

Does coaxial audio work better than HDMI?

Interestingly, some audiophiles insist that a coaxial digital-audio connection, which uses an RCA connector color-coded orange, provides better sound for 2-channel music from CDs than HDMI. They also claim that coax sounds better than an optical digital-audio connection for reasons too technical to get into here.

Are cheap coaxial cables any good?

This inexpensive cable will sound exactly as good as any digital coax at any price. What does matter however is build quality and this is excellent. This ensures a snug fit and will last and has great protection against interference but that’s usually not an issue for short runs anyways.

Are Amazon basics cables any good?

This cable is high quality all the way around for those of you still duped into thinking super expensive digital cables (digital-coax, optic, HDMI, etc) offer better sound than cheapies (they don’t). This Amazon Basics has all the materials and protection those high priced ones do and better than most quite frankly.

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