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Can I get a free hour with a solicitor?

Can I get a free hour with a solicitor?

You can call a solicitor’s office and ask if they offer a free half hour or a fixed fee. A free or fixed-fee appointment can help you find out your rights and legal position. It’s a good way to find out whether it’s worth taking someone else to court or if you have a case that’s worth defending.

Can I speak to a lawyer for free UK?

Law centres offer free legal advice in their centres across the country. They cover topics such as benefits, employment, housing, immigration and asylum, discrimination and debt. To find your local centre, visit the Law Centres Network website.

How can I ask a legal question for free?

ABA Free Legal Answers is a website on which you can submit your questions about civil (non-criminal) legal issues and receive answers from pro bono lawyers in your state. It’s EASY. Legal questions are submitted online – all you need is an internet connection.

Can anyone give legal advice UK?

The UK’s Legal Services Act 2007 includes the giving of legal advice within the definition of unreserved legal activities, which means that it can be provided by any person not just an officer of the court.

Is there still legal aid in the UK?

Criminal cases You have the right to free legal advice if you’re questioned at a police station. You’ll automatically get legal aid for legal representation in court if you’re under 16 (or under 18 and in full-time education) or on certain benefits.

What do you call a lawyer that works for free?

What is a pro bono program? Pro bono programs help low-income people find volunteer lawyers who are willing to handle their cases for free. These programs usually are sponsored by state or local bar associations.

Will a lawyer answer questions for free?

As you probably know from law firm advertisements, many attorneys offer free consultations to prospective clients to answer basic questions about whether they need a lawyer. Free consultations typically last about 30 minutes to an hour, though each lawyer can set his or her own rules.

Is ask a solicitor free?

We can help you, and it’s 100% free.

How much does a solicitor cost per hour?

Guideline hourly rates

Grade Fee earner London 3
A Solicitors and legal executives with over 8 years’ experience £282
B Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years’ experience £232
C Other solicitors or legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience £185
D Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners £129

Do I have to pay to ask a lawyer a question?

Ask A Lawyer is a free offering on where consumers can ask legal questions and seek answers from our extensive network of attorneys. Attorneys can spend as little or as much time as they want answering Ask A Lawyer questions.

Can I give legal advice if I am not a solicitor?

Printed legal materials, such as directions and how-to manuals, are generally not considered legal advice. Thus, a non-lawyer may sell legal forms, provide general instructions for filling out the forms, and provide typing services for the entry of information into forms, provided no legal advice is given.

How do I get free legal advice from a solicitor?

The agent answers questions and sends the enquiry to a member solicitor to provide you with 15 mins free legal advice, COOL. A solicitor contacts and gives free legal advice without obligation, GREAT. You may decide to instruct the solicitor to progress your case. Is it really free?

How can our member solicitors help you?

Our member solicitors provide accurate, up to date 15 minutes advice for free helping you to decide on the best course of action. Whilst we aim to support all requests sometimes the solicitors are unable to advise. To access your free advice here’s all you have to do:

How do I get a solicitor for a no win no fee?

Call the solicitor’s office to find out if they want you to bring any particular documents, such as a passport. Some solicitors offer ‘no win, no fee’ as a way of paying for civil cases, such as personal injury. A no win, no fee agreement is sometimes known as a ‘conditional fee agreement’ (CFA).

Should you pay a solicitor just to find out if they can?

We don’t see why anyone should have to pay a solicitor just to find out if they can help, and thousands of QualitySolicitors customers all over the country feel the same way; which is why our Free Initial Assessment is so popular. “Can I really call QualitySolicitors and talk things through for free?”

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