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Can I Reclass to 11B?

Can I Reclass to 11B?

Yes, It’s done quite often. You’ll have to wait until you are in your window to reenlist, then work it from there with your recruiter. Understand that you will be taking a trip back to Basic Training, to complete the AIT phase on Infantry Basic(OSUT).

Can you wear a CIB If you Reclass?

No you would not be authorized to wear the CIB. You would now have the opportunity to earn the CIB on a future deployment. However, a CAB does not magically become a CIB just because you reclassed. He would have to earn a C.I.B. after reclassing to Infantry.

How long is Army infantry Reclass?

Conducted by the New York Army National Guard’s 106th Regiment Regional Training Institute, the three-week class is designed to turn Soldiers with a variety of other military occupational specialties into Infantry Soldiers.

How do I change MOS to infantry?

You need to meet a few requirements:

  1. You must usually have served 6 months in your current MOS.
  2. You must usually have 1 year time on station before the Army will consider moving you again.
  3. You need to find the MILPER message (available on the HRC website) for the current in/out calls.

What happens when you Reclass?

Reclassification, or reclassing, means to change an athletes graduation year (in most cases to change it back). For example a child is born 2006 and his high school graduation year is 2024. If the child gets reclassed his graduation year would now be 2025, or ‘class of 2025.

Can you Reclass as a staff sergeant?

Also eligible are sergeants who reclass to 29E (electronic warfare specialist) and 35L (counterintelligence agent). The $2,000 bonuses are available to sergeants and staff sergeants who reclassify to 79R (recruiter).

Can I Reclass to 11C?

They’d just send him to BNOC where 11C’s AUTOMATICALLY earn the Secondary MOS of 11B. So there is no Reclassification required.

How long is 11 Bravo training?

14 weeks
The training for Army Infantrymen 11B consists of Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), for a total of 14 weeks.

Can you lat move after 2 years?

But don’t be fooled by some recruiters who say you can do a Lat Move after your 2 year mark. The issue with lat moving is that you can only do it during a reenlistment period. Which means you have to wait until you’re elegible to re-enlist to be able to request a lat move.

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