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Can I take a van to the tip Leicestershire?

Can I take a van to the tip Leicestershire?

A waste permit is required to use Leicester City Council Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in vans, pickups, or a car towing a trailer longer than 1.4m. 1.2. All vehicles using the HWRCs must be under 3.5 tonnes gross weight. Only one waste permit can be held by a household at any time.

What is a waste disposal permit?

The permit will enable you to dispose of household bulky waste and green garden waste free of charge. Permits are provided free of charge. If you use the reuse and recycling centre and do not have a permit, if you are in a car, as a resident, you will be charged £3, payable in cash at the weighbridge.

Do you have to book to go to Whetstone tip?

No. Bookings were only required up to and including Sunday 18 July 2021.

Can I go to the tip with a trailer?

You can bring trailers as well as a car as long as you’re not exceeding the limit on soil, rubble, hardcore, tyres and asbestos. Sides of trailers must not be built up to allow for more capacity; as this is unsafe, access will not be granted to site.

What is a standard rules permit?

Standard rules permits contain one condition which refers to a fixed set of standard rules that an operator must comply with. The rules define the activities that an operator can carry out and specify necessary restrictions on those activities, such as waste storage quantities and emission limits.

Can you take a van to the tip Buckinghamshire?

Buckinghamshire Council uses a permit system to allow residents to visit the sites with large vehicles/trailers, in commercial vehicles and on foot. All permits are free and you will need a permit if you are: using a commercial vehicle such as a pick up, van, minibus (8-11 seats) or flatbed truck.

Do you have to book an appointment at Loughborough tip?

Since Monday July 19, 2021 no appointments are necessary to visit a waste site, but vans, pick-ups and cars with trailers, and any vehicle bringing asbestos, chemicals or liquid paint, must have a waste permit.

Does Whetstone tip fridge?

We cannot accept demolition waste that contains plasterboard mixed with other materials such as tiles and bricks. ^If your fridge or freezer or wine/beer cooler is glass fronted or branded, additional questions may be asked by site staff to ensure the items are household waste and not from commercial activities.

Can I take a car TYRE to the tip?

Tyres can be taken to household waste recycling centres – however, there may be a limit to how many you can take and you may also be charged. When you need new tyres on your car, the garage where you have them fitted will normally dispose of your old tyres for you.

Can vans go to tip?

Do I need a permit to take a hire van to the tip? Frequently yes. Permits are usually free to local residents who want to dispose of household junk, but you will need to apply in advance of your trip.

What are the rules and regulations at Oadby?

Read more about the Cookies used here. Oadby is one of 14 recycling and household waste sites in Leicestershire. Site users must keep children and pets in cars at all times and be alert and aware of other vehicles and pedestrians on the site. Check your intended waste site before setting off, for the latest information.

What are the recycling hours at Oadby recycling and household waste site?

Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday: 9:00-18:00 Thursday – Friday: Closed Saturday – Sunday: 9:00-18:00 ; Address: Address: Oadby Recycling And Household Waste Site Wigston Road, Oadby LE2 5JE

How much does it cost to get a permit?

Permits are free of charge. Permits are valid for one recycling and household waste site. Permits are valid for 14 days from the start date you choose, during which you can visit the site at any time within opening hours. Permits are emailed to you the day before the start date.

How do I apply for a permit in Leicestershire?

Permits are available to Leicestershire county residents only. The online application will not proceed if you live in the city or neighbouring counties. There is one online application process, just select the type of permit you need. Permits are free of charge.

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