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Can international students get scholarship in Japan?

Can international students get scholarship in Japan?

International students who have been accepted into a Japanese university under a student exchange agreement are eligible to apply for the Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan, administered by JASSO. This scholarship consists of a monthly stipend of 80,000 yen, provided throughout the period of stay in Japan.

Does Japan give scholarships?

In Japan, only a few scholarships cover all the costs of study; most aim to cover just a portion of the student’s living expenses and tuition fees. Therefore, calculate the total expenses of studying in Japan to create a financial plan that does not rely solely on scholarships but rather your own funds as well.

Can I study in Japan without knowing Japanese?

Yes, you can study in Japan without knowing the Japanese language. Several individuals have done it before you and many more will still do it after you. However, your options for schools will be likely limited to international high schools, colleges, and universities that offer some programs in the English language.

What is the MEXT scholarship?

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship This is a program through which students are able to study at a Japanese university with a scholarship from the Japanese government, specifically the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho (MEXT)).

Is MEXT exam tough?

MEXT scholarship tests are quite challenging. They are also long, and you need to be able to focus for a few hours in a row, especially for the undergraduate MEXT scholarship. All tests have multiple-choice questions, except for the math tests and some parts from the Japanese tests.

How to apply for a scholarship in Japan?

Read the IUJ Scholarship Guidelines as linked above

  • Start an Online Application.
  • In Phase 2 of the Online Application,you will find a Scholarship application to fill in. Complete and submit the Scholarship application by the Admissions Deadline
  • The Admissions Committee considers scholarship awards along with the Admissions decisions.
  • How can I study abroad in Japan?

    – Apply to a Japanese educational establishment. – If accepted, apply for the required visa. – If not accepted, work on improving yourself and your application until you are successful. – If denied a visa, work on improving yourself and your application until you are successful.

    How to say scholarship in Japanese?

    Japanese words for scholar include 学者, 学究, 師儒, 碩儒 and 学習者. Find more Japanese words at!

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