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Can Jotaro beat DIO over heaven?

Can Jotaro beat DIO over heaven?

The World Over Heaven delivers a serious injury to Jotaro with a single punch. DIO’s death, mirroring his defeat at the end of Stardust Crusaders.

How did Jotaro win against DIO over heaven?

Jotaro used rings from Dio’s arms from an alternate universe and used them to injure his hands. The reality override ability only works with DIO’s hands, so he couldn’t use it after they were destroyed.

Can Jotaro achieve heaven?

DIO rewrites the universe to his own liking, but Jotaro and Jolyne survive to face him. Jotaro reveals that Star Platinum, being the same type of Stand as The World Over Heaven, has attained Over Heaven as well just as it had attained The World’s time stopping abilities before and stopped his erasure with it.

What is over heaven Jotaro?

The only thing that truly changes is its ability. Reality Overwrite: Jotaro and Star Platinum Over Heaven can rewrite and reshape reality to any extent. Comparing to The World Over Heaven, this allows him to overcome abilities such as Tusk ACT4, GER, and many other Stand abilities.

Can DIO over heaven beat Giorno?

No. The World Over Heaven has the ability to rewrite anything touches, including reality. And Base The World is Stronger than Ger, based off what was shone of him. So all Dio has to do is tale away his stand, easy win.

Who killed DIO over heaven?

DIO tried to deliver one final attack, but his attacks hit his bracelets of the original timeline. The bracelets fused with DIO’s own, exploding them and crippling DIO. DIO tried to use his blood to blind Jotaro, but Jotaro delivered one final punch, destroying him once and for all.

Who can beat Ger?

Manga and anime-wise, only one stand can beat GER (possibly). Tusk Act 4. I think this because Tusk Act 4 and GER are basically the same stand strength and ability wise, technically. Tusk Act 4 is so powerful it heals a cripple.

Which is stronger Requiem or over heaven?

In the game Eyes Of Heaven, it is shown that The World Over Heaven is superior to GER, as it’s ability is far more greater than ‘Return to Zero’. The World Over Heaven’s ability is Reality Overwrite, meaning that he can rewrite ANYTHING.

Who can Jotaro beat?

8 DIO (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) If anything, Jotaro is blatantly weaker than DIO. The only reason he ends up winning is because Jotaro is able to fight cleverly. Which, granted, is one of the best ways an anime protagonist can defeat their arch-nemesis.

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