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Can King Shocks be rebuilt?

Can King Shocks be rebuilt?

A complete shock rebuild is recommended every 1,000 miles for off-road race applications. King service procedures include taking the shock apart, inspecting for wear, cleaning, precision honing and polishing shock cylinder, micro polishing shaft, and replacing all the seals and O-rings using original replacement parts.

How much does it cost to rebuild King shocks?

King Shock Rebuild Request Average cost is around $600-$700/set of shocks assuming no substantial parts are needed (reservoir assembly, shafts, etc.). It’s not uncommon to need rear shafts on shocks that have been neglected but 90% of our rebuilds are seals, oil and a couple bearings.

How often should I rebuild my King shocks?

It really depends on how hard/much you drive it. I’d think they should easily go 40-60K (about the average life expectancy of any good shock) before needing a rebuild for the average person who takes it off-road a couple/few times a month assuming they aren’t being used hard.

How long do King shocks last?

the average OEM shocks are good for prob good for 75-100k miles depending on driving type. And when you “do” suspension, you’ll really only need to consider replacing the shock itself, not the spring or leafs.

What are King shocks filled with?

King Air Shocks are built from the highest quality materials available. They provide a compact and lightweight option when used in the appropriate application. Air shocks ride on the pressurized gas charge inside (nitrogen). All air shocks are limited in their use by the physical properties of nitrogen gas.

What’s better fox or King shocks?

Compared to other shocks, Fox uses better seals, shock oil and shafts, but are considered one of the more expensive options on the market. However, with price comes quality and you “get what you pay for”. The Fox shafts are more durable which will prolong the life of the shock.

How long do kings shocks last?

How long does it take to rebuild shocks?

Replacing a single set of shocks, for example takes between 2-3 hours, as does either side’s control arms. Lesser work such as replacing a spring or shock absorber will take less. For an entire uspension overhaul, it becomes a question of days, not hours.

What’s better Fox or King shocks?

Where are King shocks made?

Garden Grove, California
All parts used in our products are machined in house at our Garden Grove, California facility from billet alloy materials on precision equipment to exacting standards and hand assembled by our trained technicians.

What parts can be rebuilt on a king shock?

Any part on a King shock can be rebuilt or replaced with factory fresh pieces. When the time comes, convenient pre-packaged seal and shim kits as well as wear bands, bearings, shafts and shock oil are just a phone call away.

Do King bypass shocks come with a remote reservoir?

Plus, depending on the model of shock you choose, they come with a free piggyback or remote reservoir upgrade. A unique feature of King bypass shocks is that they are 100% customizable for no additional charge when purchased through Filthy Motorsports.

What is a Bypass shock absorber?

King Bypass Shocks Bypass shocks allow for maximum suspension tuning control thanks to their multiple zone, adjustable bypass tubes. Available in 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 body sizes, stroke lengths from 6 to 18 inches, and up to 8 bypass tubes per shock, these are simply the best shock absorbers you can put on your vehicle.

Do I need special tools for servicing or tuning my shocks?

If you plan on doing the servicing or tuning on your King Shocks you’ll need the right tools. King offers the same quality tools that our technicians use every day when assembling your shocks at the factory.

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