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Can you put a lift kit on a Suzuki Vitara?

Can you put a lift kit on a Suzuki Vitara?

Installing a lift kit can be detrimental to your vehicles performance….Suzuki Grand Vitara Lift Kit Buyers Guide.

Grand Vitara Model Lift Kit
Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7 2000 – 2005 Motor H27 EFI 2.7L V6 Ironman Grand Vitara Lift Kit 35mm XL7

Should I lift my Grand Vitara?

Increasing tyre diameter will raise the gearing, increase unsprung mass and increase the chances of transmission stress, but a small increase of 20mm should be fine – don’t go any wider though, just taller. A “lift kit” could be a suspension or a body lift.

How big is the boot on a Suzuki Vitara?

375 litres
The boot space of 375 litres (increasing to 710 litres with the rear seats folded). It’s a well-thought-out shape – square, with a wide opening and a moveable boot floor creating a loading area that’s level with the boot lip, which also provides an area to store items out of sight.

Will there be a new Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Suzuki is reportedly preparing three all-new or revised SUVs for release from next year, starting with a redesigned Vitara, the long-awaited return of a larger SUV that might wear the Grand Vitara badge, and another facelift of the S-Cross.

Is Suzuki Vitara good for dogs?

When it comes to canine-friendly SUVs, the current Vitara has all the right pedigree. It’s brilliant both on and off-road, while the capacious square load bay is extremely dog welcoming, with Suzuki offering an official pet protection cover for the back seat, along with a bespoke dog guard and tailored load liner.

Is there a suspension lift for a Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Always on the forefront of the Suzuki aftermarket, Rocky Road proudly introduces the very first suspension lift available for the unibody Grand Vitara, 2006 and newer. This awesome system allows you to easily bolt-on 2.125″ of lift to your vehicle. No need for a professional installation with specialized equipment.

What are the best protection kits for my Suzuki Grand Vitara?

And another very popular kit which is a MUST for anyone who actually takes their Suzuki offroad is our Rockrail and Superslider protection kits. You can view the kit for your Suzuki by clicking 2006-2014 Grand Vitara lift kits Select kit Click to cart Lift kits for Grand Vitara & Long Travel shocks

Which Dobinsons lift kit for Grand Vitara?

All Dobinsons lift kits to suit Grand Vitara come with Twin Tube Nitrogas shock absorbers expertly engineered and extensively tested before mass production. Ironman Lift Kits, Built tough for Australian conditions, will provide up to 40mm of lift. Each kit includes 4 Nitro Gas Shocks ad 4 Ironman coil springs.

What happens if you lift your Grand Vitara wrong?

Excessive spring lift can also create issues within the suspension and driveline geometry, causing parts like CV joints and drive shaft universal joints to experience shortened lives. Airbag compatibility should also be a consideration, with some systems becoming compromised should the incorrect lift kit be fitted to your Grand Vitara.

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