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Can you swim at South Haven right now?

Can you swim at South Haven right now?

South Haven, North Beach is open year-round from 8am-10pm. Visitors can enjoy swimming, walking along the pier, concession stands, playgrounds, and excellent fishing. Recreational public beaches in Michigan are tested several times a week, typically from May to September.

Is South Haven beach open?

The beaches are open and the Lake is accessible. You can view the live webcam at South Beach here. If you are in need of local testing, the State has set up a website for local testing locations for the Coronavirus.

Can you drink on South Haven Beach?

Hosier said they also have more staff patrolling the beach making sure people see the signs and are following the rules, including some of the old ones. “Of course it’s zero tolerance. No alcohol is allowed on the beach,” Hosier said.

Does South Haven beach allow dogs?

SPECIAL NOTE: South Haven is Dog-Friendly.

Which Beach is better in South Haven?

South Beach and North Beach are the main beaches of South Haven. These are also the most popular beaches in South Haven. There is the iconic South Haven Lighthouse, and you can walk out to the end of the pier where the lighthouse stands.

Can you have beer on Michigan beaches?

No, alcohol is not allowed at Silver Beach. Most public beaches in Michigan are alcohol free.

Are dogs allowed on North beach South Haven?

Can you drink on South Haven beach?

Which beach is better in South Haven?

Does South Haven Beach allow dogs?

Can you drink while fishing in Michigan?

Michigan law does not prohibit drinking on the water. Passengers—and the watercraft operator—can openly cruise around with a bottle or two. Coast Guard officials will conduct field sobriety tests and may also take into consideration whether the boater appears to be disoriented, confused or smells of alcohol.

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