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Can you switch advanced class swtor?

Can you switch advanced class swtor?

each AC is it’s own class. You should NEVER be allowed to change a class after creation.

How do I change my class spec Swtor?

There is a legacy perk you can purchase for 200k credits called field respecialization. This allows you to change your spec at will outside of combat or warzones. Once you purchase this perk, simply open your specialization window and hit the abandon button to reset it.

How do you get advanced class in swtor?

You MUST pick up the Advance Trainer quest to be able to pick an Advanced Class. If you have already left the Fleet, head back there and pick up the quest so you can pick your AC. After choosing your AC, be sure to visit your trainer as he/she will have AC abilities to teach you.

What is advanced class swtor?

Advanced classes are specialized careers that characters can choose in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As a character becomes more seasoned through adventure, they will be given the opportunity to undertake one of two advanced classes. This decision is equally as important as creating a character.

How do I reset my proficiency in swtor?

There is a skill mentor in the combat training area that will reset your skill points. You can find the Skill Mentors on your fleet space station and in your faction’s capital city. The skill mentor will offer to reset your skills for free 1 time a week (week countdown starts when you reset your skill tree).

Will swtor ever add new classes?

Since this game has not the funds and crew anymore for such a big undertaking, we won’t see that happening ever. What we could see happening is a new advanced class for an already existing core class with exactly the same class story or a new discipline path for an already existing advanced class.

What is the best SWTOR class story?

The Best (& Worst) Class Stories in Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. 1 (Best) Imperial Agent.
  2. 2 (Worst) Bounty Hunter.
  3. 3 (Best) Jedi Knight.
  4. 4 (Worst) Jedi Consular.
  5. 5 (Best) Sith Warrior.
  6. 6 (Worst) Sith Inquisitor.
  7. 7 (Best) Smuggler.
  8. 8 (Worst) Republic Trooper.

What is the best AOE class in SWTOR?

sorc imo has the best aoe, and survivability isn’t an issue with current heal companion power. Sniper an GS are a good choice as well. for speed melee might be a bit slower with packs that have lots of ranged.

Which class should I play in SWTOR?

– Jedi Knight – Sith Warrior – Jedi Consular – Sith Inquisitor – Bounty Hunter – Republic Trooper – Imperial Agent – Smuggler

Where do I respec in SWTOR?

To do it in the field, you need to buy the field respec perk from the Legacy window. If I remember right it’s under Other in the Convenience section. I don’t remember off hand what the credit price is, but you will need to have a high enough Legacy level to buy it. I don’t remember the level either, but it’s pretty easy to find in game.

What class should your SWTOR character be?

– Under 18 Years Old – 18 to 24 Years Old – 25 to 30 Years Old – 31 to 40 Years Old – 41 to 50 Years Old – 51 to 60 Years Old – Over 60 Years Old

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