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Can you walk dogs in Knole Park?

Can you walk dogs in Knole Park?

Your dog is welcome to join you in the outdoor courtyard areas, including the historic Green and Stone Courts, but it’s assistance dogs only inside please.

Do you need to book National Trust car parks?

Booking car parks only Members can park for free but you’ll need to book a ticket for your car. Non-members will need to pay.

Is Knole park free?

Knole House, the visitor centre and orangery are currently closed in line with Government guidance. The Brewhouse Café is open for take-away service only and limited toilet facilities are open. The courtyards are also now open. The park is open dawn to dusk and is free to visit.

Does anyone live in Knole House?

Early-Stuart Knole and the Sackvilles Sackville’s descendants, the Earls and Dukes of Dorset and Barons Sackville have owned or lived in the property ever since.

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Is Knole Park open for walkers?

Whilst we can’t yet invite you to enjoy a traditional Knole experience, the park is still open for local visitors to enjoy a walk and some fresh air. We hope you enjoy your visit and make the most of the season.

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How do you get to Knole Park?

The nearest station is Sevenoaks, which is 1½ miles away and on the Southeastern line (also running from London Charing Cross, London Bridge and London Victoria). To walk to Knole from the station, turn right and walk up the hill, through Sevenoaks High Street, until you reach St Nicholas Church on your right.

How many deer are in Knole Park?

350 wild deer

Where can I Picnic in Kent?

9 of the Best Picnic Spots in Kent

  • Lullingstone Country Park. Lullingstone Country Park is home to hundreds of ancient trees, some of which are thought to be 800 years old!
  • Trosley Country Park.
  • Shorne Woods Country Park.
  • Brockhill Country Park.
  • Grove Ferry Picnic Site.
  • Penshurst Place Parkland.
  • Knole Park.
  • Sissinghurst Castle Garden.

Can you picnic in Knole Park?

We ask visitors to avoid picnicking in the park. Please take any litter home with you, do not leave it in the beautiful parkland. Barbecues are not permitted at Knole due of the risk of fire and potential to destroy the medieval deer park.

Who owns Knole Park?

the National Trust

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