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Did Jack and Vicky get married?

Did Jack and Vicky get married?

In the finale, Janet marries Phillip, Terri moves to Hawaii, while Jack and Vicky profess their love for one another, but Vicky, the child of a bitter divorce, turns down Jack’s marriage proposal. They instead move in together in an apartment above Jack’s bistro.

How many seasons of Three’s a Crowd?

Three’s a Crowd/Number of seasons

What happened in the last episode of Three’s a Crowd?

April 9, 1985
Three’s a Crowd/Final episode date

What channel is three’s a crowd on?

American Broadcasting Company
Three’s a Crowd/Networks

What happened to Janet on threes company?

DeWitt is best known for her role as Janet Wood during the 1977–1984 run of the sitcom Three’s Company, a job she obtained after being cast in the show’s second pilot. After Three’s Company ended in 1984, DeWitt appeared in an episode of Finder of Lost Loves in 1984, after which she quit acting for several years.

What was the Three’s Company spin off?

The Ropers
Three’s a Crowd
Three’s Company/Spin-offs

Who plays Vicky on Three’s a Crowd?

Mary Therese Cadorette
( m. 19??; div.??) Mary Therese Cadorette is an American actress best known for playing Jack Tripper’s live-in girlfriend, flight attendant Vicky Bradford, on the short-lived 1984 Three’s Company spin-off Three’s a Crowd.

Who did Jack Tripper marry?

After Three’s Company When one of his roommates (Janet Wood) marries Phillip Dawson in the Three’s Company series finale, Jack proposes to flight attendant Vicky Bradford.

What happened to Vicky from Three’s Company?

Cadorette currently teaches ballet, Luigi Jazz, ensemble, and tap within the Musical Theater Department at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts in Hartford, Connecticut.

Why did three’s a crowd get Cancelled?

Three’s Company was eventually canceled by ABC in its eighth season due to plummeting ratings.

What is actress Joyce DeWitt doing now?

Joyce is a philanthropist and has donated money to the organization Hunger and Homelessness together with several members of the House and Senate while she has also worked with the foundation Family Assistance Program of Hollywood.

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