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Do Derbi make scooters?

Do Derbi make scooters?

Derbi is a manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and recreational all-terrain vehicles produced by Nacional Motor S.A.U., a Spanish subsidiary of Piaggio & Co. SpA.

What engine does a Derbi Senda have?

Derbi Senda 50

DERBI Senda X-Race 50 SM
Manufacturer Derbi
Engine 50 cc (3.1 cu in) liquid cooled, two stroke single cylinder
Compression ratio 11.5:1
Transmission 6 speed

Where is Derbi Senda from?

The Derbi Senda SM 50 is a 50 cc motorcycle made by Spanish company Derbi. It is one of the most popular bikes made by Derbi due to its appeal to young riders and its styling.

What is a Derbi motorcycle?

Derbi is the first step for many young people into the motorcycling world and it is one of the key players in the world of motorcycle competition. Derbi is synonymous with racing and success as well as versatility to meet the needs of those who always expect the best.

What is a Derbi GP1 scooter?

The DERBI GP1 scooter is designed for the high-technology and high-performance scooter segment. This is one of the most hard-fought segments in the market, because it is where the most important manufacturers compete with their leading products.

Who was the owner of the Derbi?

Angel Nieto had a long history with the company. Between 1964 and 1972 he gained five World Championships and two second places. The factory produced a racing machine in his honour in 1973, the Angel Nieto Replica. Earlier Derbi models include: Derbi models of the 1950s had Jawa engines.

What does Derbi stand for?

Derbi is a subsidiary of Piaggio. When Derbi entered 50cc racing, the factory team fielded extremely light and small motorcycles, rather fitting considering the name is derived from the phrase “Derivado des Bicicleta”

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