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Does rift use macro?

Does rift use macro?

Rift macros make your playtime much easier and enjoyable. Macros are useful while leveling, but also in PvP and raids. They are simple to set up, so take a look at a few useful examples below to see how you can make the most out of your character.

How do you do macros in Rift?

Creating Macros in RIFT

  1. Open the Options menu by pressing ESC and select MACROS.
  2. Select a macro slot on the left side of the MACROS interface.
  3. Click the Icon button (the “?”).
  4. Select the type of icon you would like your macro to have.
  5. Use the field next to your new icon to name your macro.

How do I focus a target macro?

Focusing is usually done through macros. To set a mob or player as the focus, first target it then type the command /focus into the chat window….Using focus targets.

Slash command Function
/focus Set the current target as the focus
/clearfocus Clear the current focus
/target focus Target the focus

What should macros be to lose weight?

If you’re counting macros for weight loss, you’ll want to make sure you’re counting macros in such a way that you’re also cutting calories. Try this range of macro ratio for weight loss: 10-30% carbs, 40-50% protein, 30-40% fat. Then adjust accordingly.

What is focus macro?

By the strictest definition, “macro photography” means that you’re focused at 1:1 magnification or stronger. So, if your camera sensor is 1.5 inches wide, the scene captured in your entire photo will also be 1.5 inches wide, or smaller.

How do I use/commands in the rift macro interface?

This lists the Rift recognized / commands. When listing commands in the macro interface, you do not need the leading slash, so rather than /cast, you would just use cast. The following illustrates: /saveequip followed by an index number (e.g. “/saveequip 1″) – This saves the currently equipped set of equipment to the specified index.

What are the advantages of using macros in rift?

Rift macros make your playtime much easier and enjoyable. You can create macros in Rift easily and they can be used to cast multiple abilities at once or in quick succession, enabling you to react quicker and faster to any given situation.

What does the targetlasttarget macro do?

This macro will allow the current party leader or raid leader to put his mouse on a character and mark the character with the indicated mark number for the party or raid to see. The targetlasttarget will move the target back to the previous target as to not disrupt the current target.

What does @focustarget mean in Wow?

@Focustarget – Cast a spell at a target of a focused target, E.G. /cast @focustarget Soul lance #show “ability” – Causes the macro to inherhit the icon and ability icon of the skill. Will tell in party chat the name of the target ( %T )you’re casting Transmorgify on.

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