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Does TCL make a 40 TV?

Does TCL make a 40 TV?

Watch thousands of movies and TV episodes with this 40-inch TCL Roku TV. Its Full HD resolution and 120Hz CMI refresh rate deliver vivid images and fluid action scenes, and the three HDMI inputs and Wi-Fi connectivity provide versatile access to video sources.

How much does a 40 inch Roku TV weigh?

TCL 40″ Class 3-Series FHD LED Smart Roku TV – 40S325

Weights and Measures (W x H x D)
Stand Separation Distance × Stand Separation Distance 28.7″
TV Weight × TV Weight 13.4 lbs
TV Weight without Stand × TV Weight without Stand 13.2 lbs
TV Shipping Dimensions × TV Shipping Dimensions 41.3″ x 25.6″ x 5.2″

How big is a 40 inch TV Roku?

Without the stand, the TCL 3-Series Roku Smart TV (40”) has a height of 20.5” (52.1 cm), width of 35.6” (90.4 cm), and depth of 2.9” (7.37 cm). The total height with the stand is 22.7” (57.7 cm) with an overall depth of 7.2” (18.3 cm).

How big is a 40 inch TV?

TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science

Size Width Height
32″ 27.9″ 70.9 cm 15.7″ 39.9 cm
40″ 34.9″ 88.6 cm 19.6″ 49.8 cm
43″ 37.5″ 95.3 cm 21.1″ 53.6 cm
50″ 43.6″ 110.7 cm 24.5″ 62.2 cm

Who makes TCL?

The TCL TVs are made by TCL — a Chinese tech company with operations across the world. Unlike other budget TV brands such as Vizio, the company oversees the sets’ designing process, manufacturing, and marketing.

What is the difference between a Roku TV and a smart TV?

Smart TVs enable cord-cutters to stream movies and TV shows without connecting their TV set to a separate streaming device. Roku TV is a form of smart TV that uses technology from streaming media manufacturer Roku. Both are useful for users looking to watch live TV, stream on-demand movies and shows, and more.

Where to buy TCL TV?

Best Buy yanked the listings for TCL’s 5- and 6-Series Google TVs earlier this month following months of complaints about crashing apps, buggy or unresponsive screen settings, random power cycling, and other issues. TCL admitted that its Google TVs were “facing challenges with the stability of the user interface” and promised improvements.

Who sells TCL TVs?

We’ve found 30 or 40 of the best deals on TVs that are actually worth buying, but even that list can be hard to choose from. I’m going to make it easy for you: The 65-inch TCL 6-Series TV is on sale at Amazon for $898—over $600 off its list price—so

Which is the best 4K TV, Samsung, LG, or Tcl?

– Transformative 4K processor – Sleek curved design – Ambient mode – Mirror your computer’s display on the TV screen – Connectivity technology: HDMI – 4K UHD resolution – 65-inch monitor

Are TCL 4K TVs good?

The TCL 55R635 Roku Smart TV is one of the best smart TVs out there right now. It has a 4K HDR display, which means that you can see more detail than ever before. This is perfect for those who love watching movies because the picture will look incredible on this TV.

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