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How big is a Canadair Regional Jet 700?

How big is a Canadair Regional Jet 700?


Variant CRJ700 CRJ1000
Length 106 ft 1 in / 32.3 m 128 ft 5 in / 39.1 m
Height 24 ft 10 in / 7.6 m 24 ft 6 in / 7.5 m
Wingspan 76 ft 3 in / 23.2 m 85 ft 11 in / 26.2 m
Wing area 760 sq ft / 70.6 m2 833 sq ft / 77.4 m2

What is a CR7 Canadair RJ 700?

The CRJ-700 is a regional jet used on short-haul routes. Onboard storage is limited and suitcases may need to be checked at the aircraft door to be picked-up upon arrival. There is no inflight entertainment onboard. Key.

Does a crj700 have WiFi?

There is also a first class cabin on the CRJ-700’s with seats arranged in a 1×2 configuration. These planes do have WiFi, but its the old, slow air to ground WiFi provided by Gogo. For $49.95/month they offer a WiFi subscription that gives you unlimited use on domestic flights.

How much fuel does a CRJ700 use?

The CRJ700 is a very quiet aircraft (with an operational take-off noise level of 89EPNdb) and is very fuel efficient, with a range of 3,674km and fuel capacity of 9,017kg.

How many seats does Canadair Regional Jet have?


Variant CRJ100
Crew 3–4 : 2 Flight Crew + 1–2 cabin crew
Seating capacity 50
Cabin height 6 ft 1 in / 1.85 m
Cabin width 8 ft 3 in / 2.53 m

What is a Canadair regional jet 550?

The CRJ-550 is the world’s only 50 seat regional aircraft to offer true first class seating and other premium amenities, including: Space for every customer to bring a roller bag on board. More overall legroom per seat than any other 50 seat aircraft flown by a US airline.

What aircraft does PSA fly?

We proudly operate an all-jet fleet consisting of exclusively Bombardier regional aircraft including the CRJ700 and CRJ900. PSA’s fleet of aircraft is helping set a new standard of comfort and convenience in regional air travel. PSA’s fleet includes the two-class Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft.

Does CRJ 700 have first class?

With the addition of the First Class seats, the CRJ-700 will have either 63 or 65 seats in the main cabin and nine seats in First Class. Eagle also will offer Priority AAccess on all flights offering First Class service, allowing premium customers to board at their leisure.

Does the CRJ 700 have tvs?

Evolving technology like enhanced in-flight Wi-Fi has made streaming on mobile devices more convenient than it has ever been….American Airlines.

Aircraft TV Screens?
Bombardier CRJ-700 No
Bombardier CRJ-900 No
Embraer ERJ-140 No
Embraer ERJ-145 No

How many seats does a Canadair Regional Jet 700 have?

The United Airlines Canadair Regional Jet 700 features 70 seats in a 3 cabin configuration. Economy has 48 seats in a 2-2 config; Premium economy has 16 seats in a 2-2 config; Business class has 6 seats in a 1-2 config; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Economy pitch of 76cm. 30″.

What is regional jet?

— It doesn’t have an engine, but that doesn’t mean a jet plane can’t get from one place to another, it just takes a lot longer. This 1950’s era T-33 jet has been outside of Planeview Auto Sales across from the Joplin Airport since 2013. It was towed across 171 Highway this morning to the old terminal at the Joplin Regional Airport.

What is a jet 700?

The iconic Blue Angels squadron performed at an airshow in Pensacola Beach, Florida last month, and they didn’t disappoint. The lead pilot conducted his signature “sneak pass”, blowing spectators away with a low altitude maneuver at 700 mph!

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