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How can you tell a real Goyard?

How can you tell a real Goyard?

Look for the Serial Number A real Goyard bag will have a serial number embossed where the leather strap connects the detachable pouch (pouchette) to the purse. Older bags often featured the number inside the pouch. The serial number consists of three letters followed by six numbers.

Is the Goyard pattern hand painted?

The canvases were originally all hand-painted, although modern mechanizations have transformed the process slightly. Now, a ground-color application is followed by three layers of etching colors to produce the trademark slightly raised pattern on the canvas.

How much does Goyard personalization cost?

Goyard offers painted personalization on all St. Louis and Anjou Totes in a variety of color combinations and aesthetic configurations, including monogramming, stripes and stars. Prices start at around $150 for up to six letters, $150 for stripes and $600 and up for stars or other custom-ordered additions.

Which Goyard colors are classic?

Goyard Saint Louis GM classic colors. Featuring the Goyard Saint Louis Tote Bag in classic colors (Black/black, black/tan). The Saint Louis Tote Bag is one of the most popular bags from Goyard. The bag is made out of canvas which is made of cotton, linen and hemp and has been created in the image of a treasure chest.

Is Goyard waterproof?

The tote is made of a signature logo Goyard canvas, also known as Goyardine, which consists of cotton, hemp, and linen. It is waterproof, scratch free and super durable. Due to the material, the bag is extremely lightweight, which allows you to put as much in it as you wish and not kill your shoulders.

What year did Goyard stop hand painting?

Indeed, unlike most designers, they don’t use the first initial like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci all do to monogram their brand’s logo. Instead, they use the ‘Y’ in Goyard as their chosen motif. As of the 2000’s, this signature print is no longer hand-painted, but instead mechanically screen printed.

What is the Goyard symbol?

Symbolic meaning of the Goyard Chevron pattern Edmond Goyard was the very first trunk maker to build his name into his canvas, and did so even before the year 1900. The piled up dot pattern was clearly inspired by the Goyard family history, and evokes their “Compagnon de rivière”(log drivers) ancestors.

Is Goyardine still hand-painted?

Goyardine is no longer hand-painted, but personalizations are. Back in the day, Goyard’s signature print was hand-applied to all the coated canvas used to make the brand’s bags.

What is Goyard known for?

The brand is known for a certain amount of secrecy, with little knowing where the iconic interlocking Chevron pattern, which can be seen on many Goyard bags, originated from. Goyard eschews self-promotion, advertising, e-commerce, and refuses to grant interviews.

What is Goyard’s signature print?

Back in the day, Goyard’s signature print was hand-applied to all the coated canvas used to make the brand’s bags.

What is a Goyard canvas?

This canvas is used in bags designed for frequent air travel. Robert Goyard patented his new canvas on 24 November 1965, and described its design as “Chevrons intertwined with linear stripes.”

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