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How did Carl Wheezer get pregnant?

How did Carl Wheezer get pregnant?

After figuring it out, Jimmy realizes that Carl has become pregnant with a baby alien after having the scorpion-like thing on his mouth. Later that evening, Carl goes to Cindy’s house to have help with this new baby alien he will about to give birth to later.

What is Carl’s last name in Jimmy Neutron?

Carl Wheezer Carlton Ulysses Wheezer
Carl Wheezer Carlton Ulysses Wheezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen in the film and TV series, Wally Wingert in the 2002 PS2 and GameCube game) is a bespectacled dim-witted boy and one of Jimmy’s best friends.

Why is Jimmy Neutron’s dog named Goddard?

Jimmy’s dog, Goddard, was named after Robert H. Goddard, an American physicist who made the first liquid-fuelled rocket. Goddard is also known as the Usherer of the Space Age. This show was originally a forty second animated short created for SIGGRAPH in 1995.

Is Carl from Jimmy Neutron a girl?

Carl Wheezer is a bespectacled dim-witted boy and one of Jimmy’s best friends.

Why did Libby change her hair?

In “Beach Party Mummy”, Libby is given a new hairstyle, dreadlocks as part of Jimmy’s plan to make Libby look like her ancestor, Queen Hasabataslapya and put the mummies to sleep for 10 trillion more years. Libby likes the new hairstyle so much that she decides to keep it.

What did DNA Productions make?

DNA produced the Jimmy Neutron franchise. DNA also produced and directed animation on the Emmy nominated holiday special, Olive, the Other Reindeer, and wrote, directed and produced the 3D animated Christmas special, Santa vs. the Snowman.

When did Johnny Quasar come out?

The Adventures of Johnny Quasar was an early prototype of Jimmy Neutron, produced in 1995 and 1997….

The Adventures of Johnny Quasar
Airdate N/A
Invention Goddard

Who is Sheen girlfriend Jimmy Neutron?

Liberty “Libby” Danielle Folfax is a major character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise. She is Sheen’s female counterpart and girlfriend and Cindy’s best friend.

Who is Carl in Jimmy Neutron?

Carlton “Carl” Ulysses Wheezer is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Goddard) of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius . He is one of Jimmy ‘s best friends. Carl is obsessed with llamas and has a crush on Judy.

How old is Jimmy Neutron from Boy Genius?

The following is a list of characters from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius . Jimmy is the main protagonist of the franchise. He is a 10-year-old (11 in season 2 and 12 in season 3) boy genius with an impossible IQ of 210 and a love for science.

Is Carl in love with Jimmy’s mother?

Carl also appears to be in love with Jimmy’s mother, Judy Neutron, accidentally saying that she is beautiful around Jimmy and Sheen, carrying around a picture of Jimmy’s parents with his head pasted over Jimmy’s father’s face. And many times in the episode “Love Potion 976/J” Carl really dislikes Jimmy’s father, Hugh Neutron, whenever he is around.

What is Jimmy Neutron’s mother’s name?

Jimmy’s mother. Most likely where Jimmy gets his brains. Judy appears slightly more mechanically inclined than Hugh (as shown in the original movie when she repairs the family car). She is a neat freak and when angry, calls Jimmy by his full name, James Isaac Neutron.

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