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How did Shindong join SM?

How did Shindong join SM?

Pre-debut. Shin Dong-hee was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on September 28, 1985. In 2005, Shindong signed up for the SM Best Youth Contest and won first place for Best Comedian, achieving the grand prize. He signed a contract with SM Entertainment and received lessons to further improve his dancing ability.

Did Shindong get married?

In an interview, Shindong also acknowledged that people believe that the ‘House Party’ crooner is married and has children. However, the singer just has a former relationship where his engagement was called off due to pressures of being in the public eye.

When did Shindong join SUJU?

Shindong became a trainee in 2004. Ryeowook won the 2004 Chin Chin Youth Festival singing competition and became a trainee just two months before debut in 2005. Kyuhyun then joined the group in 2006, after winning third place in the 2005 Chin Chin Youth Festival.

What SM looks for in auditions?

When asked what SM Entertainment’s audition judges are looking for in terms of singing, the former casting agent revealed that they prefer auditionees who sing songs that are high in pitch.

Why did Shindong get fat?

The K-pop boybander is determined to get back in shape, and aims to lose 40kg to attain his ideal weight of 75kg. He admitted that he’s piled on the pounds due to health issues, as well as his love for barbecued and fried food.

How do I join JYP entertainment?

Apply Online For JYP Entertainment Audition Registration Process

  1. Here is option “apply“ click on this button.
  2. After that here is a box for choose your nationality.
  3. After write the nationality , write your age.
  4. Age of the candidate are not below 14 . candidates apply 14 and above in age .

Is Shindong sick?

Super Junior member Shindong will be taking a break from all his commitments and projects for the meantime after his agency, Label SJ, confirmed that he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

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