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How do I add different bullets in Word?

How do I add different bullets in Word?

BulletsWithin your Microsoft document, place your cursor or highlight the text where you wish to insert a bulleted list.Under the [Home] tab in the Paragraph section, click the [Bullets] drop-down menu.Choose a bullet style or select “Bullets and Numbering to create a customized bullet style.

How do you make a list with bullet points?

If a complete sentence introduces the bulleted list, each item in the list should end with a full stop, not a colon, and each point should begin with a capital letter. For example: The ‘Study’ section of Imperial’s website suggests free activities in London for students on a budget.

How do you insert a horizontal bullet in Word?

The ALT key combination for a bullet in windows is 0149.With numlock enabled.Hold down the ALT key.Type 0149 on the keypad.Release the Alt key.

How do you insert the inch symbol in Word?

The Symbol menu: Click the Symbol order catch in the Symbol aggregate on the Insert tab.

How do you insert a home symbol in Word?

You can go to Insert tab and at the right hand side look for ‘Symbol’. In ‘Symbol’ dialog box, you’ll find many symbols and characters like home, copyright and others. Find the home symbol and click Insert button to insert it on the document.

How do you insert in Word?

Microsoft Word 2016Open the first document.Place the cursor where you want the second document to be inserted.From the Insert tab, Text group, click on the down arrow next to Object and choose Text from file.Select the file to be inserted.Click on Insert.

What is insert mode in Word?

Insert mode is the default mode for editing in Word. It is useful for adding and changing words. It is also the most flexible because it does not erase existing text. Insert mode is recommended for most editing. Overtype mode is useful when replacing a word or series of words.

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