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How do I change the favicon in Roundcube?

How do I change the favicon in Roundcube?

Simply add this code at the end of the file: $config[‘skin_logo’] = [ ‘[favicon]’ => ‘’, ]; (Of course, change the URL to point to your custom icon image.)

How do I customize my Roundcube webmail?

There are many ways that you can customize Roundcube….Install a customized instance of Roundcube

  1. /var/cpanel/roundcube/roundcube-RCUBE_VERSION-local. tar.
  2. /var/cpanel/roundcube/roundcube-RCUBE_VERSION-local.
  3. /var/cpanel/roundcube/roundcube-local.
  4. /var/cpanel/roundcube/roundcube-local.

What are Identities in Roundcube?

Email signatures in Roundcube are a little counter-intuitive. You create a signature via Settings » Identities. When you select your email address you can change basic settings such as your “display name” (which is the name that will be shown to people receiving emails from you).

Where is Roundcube config file?

Main config file is config/config. inc. php under Roundcube webmail directory. If you’re running old Roundcube webmail (0.9.

How do I change the theme in roundcube?

How to do it?

  1. Connect to Roundcube Webmail.
  2. Once connected to Roundcube go to Settings.
  3. On the new page click on Preferences > User interface.
  4. Now under Interface skin, you have the choice between Elastic and Larry. a) Larry is the classic Roundcube theme.
  5. Select the theme you want and Save the changes.

How do I log into roundcube webmail?

Open the URL given to you by the system administrator in your web browser. The site shows the Login screen, which is used to authenticate a user. Type in your email account username (usually your email address) and password into the according fields.

How do I add an email account to roundcube?

To make Roundcube come up when you click email links, go to the User Interface section on the left (should already be selected when you enter Settings) and scroll down the right side. Click the Register Protocol link on bottom, then click Save.

What are webmail identities?

– In order to use Webmail you need to create an identity. Identity is associated with your email address and you can have multiple identities. You can provide additional information like your name, which will be shown to your recipients. Multiple identities allow you to have only one inbox for several email addresses.

How do I access admin in roundcube?

a. Login to Roundcube Webmail and Send Your First Email

  1. Go to your equivalent link to: (use Incognito mode).
  2. After that, you will be be redirected to: which is the login page of the Roundcube as seen below:
  3. Now, let’s login to the Roundcube for the first time.

How do I restart my roundcube service?

If you do not enter a name for the mail server, the user will be asked to provide one when logging in. And don’t worry — it will ask you at the end if you want to restart Apache, but it will reload it, not restart it. Uncomment the two aliases at the very top of the file, save (Ctrl+O), and exit (Ctrl+X).

How do you make roundcube Skins?

Users can check their email, send messages and keep an address book….php” file.

  1. Launch your FTP client.
  2. Open the “Roundcube” folder in the server pane.
  3. Open the “Skins” folder in the server pane.
  4. Click-and-drag the skin subfolder of your choice from the local pane to the server pane to upload the Roundcube skin.

How do I install roundcube Skins?

In order to install a Roundcube Plus skin, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the files. The skins are shipped in compressed tar. gz packages.
  2. Install the xskin plugin. The xskin plugin needs to be installed for our skins to work properly. Read this article for instructions on how to install a Roundcube plugin.

How to configure Roundcube?

Roundcube configuration 1 Go into: /.qpkg\\XDove\\roundcube\\config 2 Rename the files config/*.inc.php.dist to config/*.inc.php (if not yet done) 3 Modify the files in config/* to suit your local environment Change the files in config/* according your to environment and your needs. 4 Especially you must set the access to the database

How do I create folders in Roundcube?

You must go into roundcube/config/ and set to TRUE A: With RoundCube you can set which folders are visibible or not in “Preferences/Folders”. RoundCube can create the folders Trash, Spam and Send. An other client such as Outlook will create others folders (eg spam mails).

What are the default SMTP settings for Roundcube?

Default is 25 (50025 with XDOVE), and SSL default is 465 (no additional info so far). The next two settings (SMTP User and SMTP Password) need to be set (if you want to send from Roundcube).

How to install Roundcube IMAP webmail?

RoundCube is an IMAP webmail developed in PHP that can be installed in any e-mail server. RoundCube requires the Dovecot IMAP server to be activated otherwise it will fail. Automatic installation of RoundCube (IMAP) Open the RoundCube IMAP mail client and follow the instruction under Manual configuration.

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