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How do I contact bigpond by phone?

How do I contact bigpond by phone?

Contact us

  1. Sales. Call 13 2000.
  2. Accounts and billing. Call 13 2000.
  3. Concierge tech support. Call 13 2999.
  4. nbn. Call 13 2000.
  5. Other Options. Multilingual services.

What is the number for Telstra Business faults?

Reporting a Fault Telstra Business customers – call 13 29 99. Telstra Enterprise and Government customers – contact the Customer Care team on 1800 730 053.

How do I contact Telstra customer service?

(877) 835-7872Telstra / Customer service

What is Telstra concierge tech support?

Telstra Platinum is a tech support service that can help you with your IT and gadget issues. We provide technology advice and support for most Australian-supplied internet connected gadgets. This includes internet connected devices you bought from Telstra and most of those you bought from other suppliers in Australia.

How do I speak to an Australian at Telstra?

Hello, Do you mean you are overseas at present? If so, +61 2 9242 0570. If you mean you are in Australia, and want to talk to an Australian call centre re Big Pond email, the calls are sent off to the Philipines.

How do I contact Telstra via email?

Telstra don’t use email for general account enquiries as it is an unsecured method, the only exception is complaints where they have verified you separately before hand either by the online form or by phone.

How do I contact Telstra by email?

How do I get live chat with Telstra?

Open the My Telstra app, go to the Get help tab and tap the blue message icon. Or scroll down to Contact Us and tap Messaging.

How do I speak to an operator at Telstra?

Re: How to speak to a real operator with 24/7 chat Please call Telstra Residential on 13 22 00 if you wish to discuss your account over the phone.

How do I speak to a Telstra person in Australia?

To speak to a customer service representative, you can call Telstra at 13 22 00 between 7am and 11pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

How do I contact Telstra platinum?

Support. If you have questions about your Telstra Platinum Service Subscription, please visit or call us on 13 7587.

How Do I Live chat with Telstra?

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