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How do I create a casting call profile?

How do I create a casting call profile?

Create Your Profile Click on “Casting” in the Navigation at the top of any page (next to the Backstage logo). You’ll be directed to a Casting Search Results page. In the upper right corner, you’ll see a gray-colored link that says “Create Profile.” Click on it.

What is an audition tape?

A self-tape is a pre-recorded video audition that an actor submits to the casting director or creative team. Actors film themselves reading select portions of the script (known in the business as “sides”), then edit the footage and send it in electronically.

How do I introduce myself to self tape?

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Can you self tape without a reader?

DO I NEED A READER FOR MY SELF TAPE? You must have a reader. They should stand as close to the camera as they can. If the Reader is just behind the camera to one side, you’ll still be face-on with the camera, but without spiking the camera lens.

What should be in a self tape audition?

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How do you succeed in auditions?

Successful Audition TipsRead the Audition Notice Carefully. Actors should arrive at auditions fully prepared, not just ready to perform, but also to present any requested material. Be Professional. Dress Appropriately. Perfect Your Monologue. Get to Know the Play. Practice Cold Reading. Don’t Apologize.

What should I wear to an audition?

What to Wear to an AuditionBe comfortable. This is so important. Lean towards what you’re auditioning for. Don’t wear all black. Use colour and style to help yourself stand out in a crowd. If it’s a dance call, wear something that shows the lines of your body. Take your dance shoes with you. BEWARE OF HEELS. Have a look at what works on-screen.

How long do auditions take?

about 10 minutes

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