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How do I download Essentials plugin?

How do I download Essentials plugin?

Installing Essentials Plugins

  1. Make sure your server is not running.
  2. Open the zip archive.
  3. Extract the . jar files ”’you want”’ from the archive, into your plugins directory.
  4. Start the server.
  5. If you made a backup of your config. yml file, stop the server and edit the newly generated config.
  6. Start the server.
  7. Enjoy!

What is EssentialsX Minecraft?

It’s in the name. EssentialsX is the essential plugin suite for Minecraft servers, with over 130 commands for servers of all size and scale.

How do I get EssentialsX to work?


  1. Stop your server by pressing the red ‘Stop’ button on your Multicraft homepage.
  2. Navigate to Files > Plugin List.
  3. Change the source to Bukkit and enter ‘EssentialsX’ in the search box.
  4. Press ‘Install’
  5. Start up your server by using the green ‘Start’ button on your Multicraft homepage.

How do I install Minecraft essentials mod?

Download the 3 files to your local computer from

  1. Expand/Unzip the archives.
  2. Upload the files to the /plugins/ directory using FTP (either directly via Multicraft or a standard FTP client).
  3. Restart your Minecraft server via Multicraft.

How do you use a lucky perm?

How to install LuckPerms on a Minecraft Server

  1. Make sure your server is running Bukkit, Spigot, or Paper.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. To the left of the game panel, click on the Plugins List tab.
  4. Type Luckperms in the name search and scroll down until you find LuckPerms | An advanced permissions system.

What does the EssentialsX plugin do?

EssentialsX is the essential plugin suite for Spigot servers, including over 130 commands and countless features for servers of any scale! EssentialsX also includes several performance enhancements and fixes on top of the original Essentials, as well as plenty of new useful features for servers.

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