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How do I download from Faarfield?

How do I download from Faarfield?

To download the current standard software, use the following link: FAARFIELD 2.0. FAARFIELD 1.42 was the standard thickness design software accompanying cancelled AC 150/5320-6F, Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation, and is provided here for convenience only.

What does PCN mean in aviation?

Pavement Classification Number
Definition. Pavement Classification Number (PCN) is a number that expresses the load-carrying capacity of a pavement for unrestricted operations.

How is ACN PCN calculated?

The procedure to calculate the ACN is as such: Design a theoretical pavement according to a defined criterion: For flexible pavements, design the pavement for 10,000 load applications of the aircraft according to the CBR design procedure combined with Boussinesq’s solution for deflection in the elastic half-space.

What is airport design?

Airport design is a million miles away from the idea of the lone architect imposing his vision onto a project. It has become a highly collaborative process, designers and operators working with a host of specialists to create a building that covers all the bases – attractive, practical, calming and seamless.

How do you use Faarfield?

Create a new section in job PROJECT by dragging section AConRigid in Samples to PROJECT. Double click on the job “PROJECT.” (The section “AConRigid” is highlighted.) Click the “Structure” button to open the Structure window. Click “Modify Structure.” Make changes to the PCC, base, subbase and subgrade layer properties.

How is PCN calculated?

The PCN numerical value for a particular pavement is determined from the allowable load- carrying capacity of the pavement. The PCN is defined as the ACN-value of the critical aircraft operating with an AGW, that consumes the PCN-pavement life.

What is LCN of runway?

load classification number (LCN) The number is obtained by making plate-bearing tests on the pavement. Likewise, the equivalent single-wheel load of any aircraft can be expressed in terms of LCN. Thus, if the LCN of an airfield pavement is larger than the LCN of the aircraft, the aircraft can safely use the pavement.

What is ACN value?

Aircraft Classification Number (ACN) is a number that expresses the relative effect of an aircraft at a given configuration on a pavement structure for a specified standard subgrade strength.

What is airport Layout Plan?

The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) serves as a critical planning tool that depicts both existing facilities and planned development for an airport. Sponsors of airport development carried out at federally obligated airports must accomplish the improvement in accordance with an FAA-approved ALP.

What is PCN civil engineering?

The pavement classification number (PCN) is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard used in combination with the aircraft classification number (ACN) to indicate the strength of a runway, taxiway or airport ramp.

What is runway LCN?

The load bearing capacity of airport runways is evaluated internationally by means of a load classification number (LCN). This make it possible, on the basis of a design process based on the elastic theory, to dimension runways for various types of aircraft for a given number of loadings.

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