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How do I download magicJack to my computer?

How do I download magicJack to my computer?

Insert the MagicJack Plus device into an available USB port on your computer. Connect your telephone to the other end of the MagicJack Plus device using a phone cable (RJ11). Your computer will automatically detect MagicJack Plus within four minutes, and display the installation setup wizard.

How do I install magicJack on Windows 7?

You need a few simple steps to install Magic Jack in your windows 7 computer. Now connect the phone line of your telephone instrument to the Magic Jack. Now connect the Magic Jack to the USB port of your windows 7 computer. Windows 7 will immediately identify the USB device and the Magic Jack will start working.

Does Walmart sell magicJack plus?

magicJack Plus –

Is there a magicJack app for PC?

The magicJack for BUSINESS Desktop App integrates your business phone system seamlessly onto your computer allowing you to stay connected even when you’re away from the office. Available for both Windows and Mac®.

Can magicJack work without a computer?

The earliest MagicJack required your computer to be on and connected to the Internet at all times in order to make and receive calls. But the new version, the MagicJack Plus, can be connected directly to your router or modem and can be used without a computer as long as you have broadband Internet service.

Does MagicJack require a computer?

You will need your computer only to set up your magicjack. After that you can unplug it from your computer. For data connect it directly to your router\modem using an RJ-45 ethernet cable or wifi if your magicjack has that feature. No computer needed after initial setup.

Can I register MagicJack without a computer?

This procedure can be used for MagicJack plus installation without a computer. Step 1: Insert the MagicJack Plus device into the USB port of its adapter. Step 2: Connect the MagicJack Plus to your Internet router using an ethernet cable (RJ45). Likewise, the phone cable must be plugged into the port labeled as “Phone.”

How much is magicJack a month?

The magicJack GO comprises one year of phone service. After that, it is $35 a year- $3 per month. It also includes the use of the magicJack app on your android or apple phone or tablet, as well as an iPod touch or Kindle Fire HD.

Will magicJack work with Windows 10?

What computer operating systems are compatible with magicJack? magicJack supports Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac.

Is magicJack a app?

Take your magicJack on the go and never miss a call magicApp gives you the flexibility and excellent call quality directly from your smartphone. Any existing magicJack customer with a compatible iOS or Android device can access the magicApp.

How to install magicJack on Windows 10?

[UPDATE] Firmware is now compatible with Windows 10. You may now download the firmware normally here, or when you plug your existing magicJack device into the USB port on your Win10-enabled computer. It should work with all versions of magicJack from USB-only to Plus, Go and Express. Good luck!

How to activate Magic Jack?

Go to disk C:,and then to Documents and Settings. Now choose Users and then proceed to Application Data. Select Roaming,then mjusbsp.

  • Next,copy the file named setup and close that folder.
  • Click the Start button and then tab All Programs. Now right click the Startup folder,and choose open all users.
  • Your magicJack will now start on bootup.
  • How to register your magicJack?

    “Registration” or “Register” means (a) for a Device purchased directly from us at, either registration at the time of your purchase of the Device or at after your receipt of the Device, or (b) for a Device purchased from one of our retail partners, registration through following purchase of the Device, or (c) for the magicApp Basic or magicApp Premium Service, registration upon download of the magicApp.

    How do I contact magicJack by phone?

    – Full name on the account • magicJack telephone number – Complete billing address – Primary email address on the account

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