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How do I get the ice staff guide?

How do I get the ice staff guide?

Upgrade Steps

  1. Solve the Ice Staff Puzzle. With the Ice Staff equipped go to the crazy place through the blue portal.
  2. Shoot the Gravestones. Leave the crazy place and go back to the outside world.
  3. Line Up the Gems.
  4. Charge the Staff (Collect Souls)

How do you make a wind staff?

How to Make the Wind Staff

  1. Acquire the yellow Wind Record.
  2. Find all three staff parts that are located in the feet of the giant robots.
  3. Get the Black Disc & Gramophone.
  4. Pick up Elemental Crystal by teleporting to the secret room.
  5. Create the Wind Staff below the spiral stairs by using the parts.

Where are the zombies staff parts in Black Ops 2 origins?

Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Staff Parts Locations are through the map in which you will need to collect them as you go through all the different waves of zombies in the game to gather all the buildable parts.

What do I need to do to play origins?

The first and foremost thing you need going into a map like Origins is to be able to work with your teammates. If you’re in to go off and do your own thing, play solo. No one wants to be in a room with a twat whose head is so far up his butt, he can’t see how stupid he is. Origins is also not for those who are new to the game.

What is the best way to level up zombie levels?

Each person gets one window (more if you play with fewer than four people). As each zombie comes out, empty a clip into its legs and then knife it. This will give each player 150-210 points, depending on how bad each person’s aim is. Leave one zombie at the bottom of the spawn UNHURT.

How do you get to generator 2 in zombies?

Leave one zombie at the bottom of the spawn UNHURT. As soon as he’s down there, everyone should start Generator 1 and stay on the platform for an extra 100 points. After this, each player should have between 950-1350 points, depending on the number of zombies at each window. The player with the most points opens the first door to Generator 2.

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