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How do I get the quest for Timeless Isle?

How do I get the quest for Timeless Isle?

Comment by Kanariya. As Timeless Isle now scales from 85-90, you can now pick this quest up at Level 85. However, Curious Bronze Timepiece requires Level 90. If you want to visit Timeless Isle before then, you’ll have to fly there on your own.

What level can you go to Timeless Isle?

level 90
The Timeless Isle is a level 90 PvE zone located to the east of the Jade Forest….

Timeless Isle
Level: 30-35 Battle Pet Level: 25
Location Southeast of Jade Forest, Pandaria [90, 70]
PvP status Contested territory

How do you get to Timeless Isle in Shadowlands?

If you have a mount that can walk on water such as the Azure Water Strider you can reach the Timeless Isle this way. To do so, go to the southeast tip of the Jade Forest and head east. You will be able to see the Timeless Isle on your map in World of Warcraft. Just follow in that direction until you have arrived.

How do I get Timeless Isle gear?

There are Timeless armor tokens which are BoA and can be turned into a spec-appropriate item based on your character. These armor tokens can be acquired several ways: killing mobs, looting chests, doing initial quests, and purchasing caches for 7500 each.

How do you summon dread ship Vazuvius?

You can summon this rare elite ship by killing Evermaw, looting Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern (which is a guaranteed drop for all players who involved in the kill) and using it at the Misty Strand @ 26.5-27.8.

How do I fly in Timeless Isle?

Can I fly on the island? No, flying mounts are not allowed on the Timeless Isle ( Temporal Anomaly). You’ll want your best ground mount, as well as Reins of Poseidus for the aquatic areas and Reins of the Azure Water Strider to reach some far-off shipwrecks.

What patch was Timeless Isle?

Patch 5.4
Timeless Isle is a new area added in Patch 5.4 for level 90 players. Similar to Battlefield: Barrens but with more content.

What do I do with quivering firestorm egg?

This Item is Account Bound & gives you 1000 rep with the Order of the Cloud Serpent when used (2000 if you’ve bought the Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent). Take this to The Arboretum in Jade Forest & give it to Elder Anli.

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