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How do I look up court cases in Johnson County Kansas?

How do I look up court cases in Johnson County Kansas?

Public access is available online or through computers are available at the courthouse via a name search or by case number. Case files are computer indexed back to 1980. Searches on cases prior to 1980 will require a pre-payment of $12.00 (no personal checks accepted).

Are Johnson County courts open?

JOHNSON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT. The Court is operating both virtually and in person. The assigned Judge will determine in what manner a case is heard. All virtual hearings will be conducted via Zoom.

Who are the judges in Johnson County Indiana?

Johnson County Superior Court, Indiana

  • Kevin Barton.
  • Marla Clark (Indiana)
  • Lance Hamner.
  • Douglas Nugent.

How do I find out my court date in Kansas?

When is my court date? Contact the clerk of the court where your case is scheduled to be heard. Provide the clerk your name and case number or case type, and the clerk will tell you your court date.

At what age are you exempt from jury duty in Kansas?

While there is no law regarding age, the 8th Judicial District will usually excuse jurors over the age of 80, if requested.

What is Project Skip?

Project SKIP. COVID-19: Administrative Order Family Guidance. SKIP is a prevention/early intervention program designed to help lower-level truants. Truant students come before a panel of their peers who review truancy cases referred by the District Attorney’s Office.

How do I file for divorce in Johnson County Indiana?

To start a divorce procedure in Johnson County, the plaintiff has to draft the petition and other necessary divorce forms and file the completed divorce papers with the court. Depending on the county, in Indiana, dissolution cases are heard by the Superior Court, Circuit Court, or Domestic Relations Court.

Where do I file for divorce in Johnson County Indiana?

Divorce filing requirementsA Petition for Dissolution of Marriage must be typewritten on 8.5-by-11-inch white paper.An original and one copy are required to be filed in the Marion County Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau located in the City-County Building, Room E540.

Where is the Johnson County district court located?

New Courthouse Information(12-22-2020) Johnson County District Court 150 W. Santa Fe St, Olathe, Kansas 66061 Court Hours and Contact Office Hours: M-F 8:00AM – 5:00PM Phone: (913) 715-3300 Home| Phone Directory|Map & Directions

What is the mission of Johnson County Court Services?

The mission of Johnson County Court Services is to provide information to the Court, supervision and programming for those who have come to the attention of the Court, by providing tools and opportunities to improve their lives and therefore the lives of others in the community. Main phone number: (913) 715-7400

How do I contact the Johnson County court clerk’s office?

ACCESS TO RECORDS The records division of the Court Clerk’s Office is located on the south side of the 1st floor of the Johnson County Courthouse. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Phone number: (913) 715-3480

How many county courts are there in Texas?

There is a County Court for each of the 254 counties in Texas. The Texas Constitution states that “here shall be established in each county in this State a County Court …” Sections 15 through 17 of Article V, as well as Chapters 25 and 26 of the Texas Government Code, outline the duties of these Courts and their officers.

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