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How do I reset my boiler?

How do I reset my boiler?

Push the reset button for 10 seconds Generally, you push the reset button and hold it down for 10 seconds. Do this only once. Wait for 2-3 minutes, as the boiler may be starting up. If the reset has been successful, then the flame will ignite in the boiler.

Why is the red light flashing on my gas boiler?

Usually, when modern boilers need resetting they will display a fault code or begin to flash a red or green light. These signals indicate that your boiler senses a problem, which is why it has stopped working and needs to be reset.

Do boilers have fuses?

Like most appliances that operate using electricity, a boiler is fitted with a fuse to prevent damage in the event of a power surge. A power surge can damage key components of your boiler, so the fuse functions to break the circuit if it detects a surge so that it does not reach the boiler.

Are Biasi boilers reliable?

Biasi boilers are known for being a reasonable brand, with good reliability. Like any product, reviews from existing customers might highlight any potential surprises. Whilst Biasi are well known, they’re not fitted at the volume that the likes of Worcester Bosch are.

What does po mean on a Biasi boiler?

Biasi Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes List

Fault Code Boiler Fault
N/A Pump activated for the post-circulation phase (Po flashing + temperature flashing)
N/A Delayed burner ignition for setting the system (uu flashing + temperature flashing)
N/A Maintenance required The wrench symbol is flashing (without showing any error)

Why is my boiler pressure Zero?

The most common reason for your gas boiler pressure being too low is either a water leak somewhere in the system or reduced system pressure as a result of bleeding a radiator.

How do you manually reset a boiler?

What are the error codes for the Biasi boiler?

Biasi Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes List Fault Code Fault Image Boiler Fault ER 01 + Reset N/A Lack of burner ignition on safety lockou ER 02 + Reset N/A Safety thermostat intervention lockout ER 03 + Reset N/A General lockout ER 04 + Faulty primary circuit (no water or abse

What does the Biasi fault code er01 mean?

The Biasi fault code ER01 related to the ignition which we include Q & A or require an engineer for an emergency boiler repair. The Biasi Fault Code ER01 Error Common Q & A Just below, we have a list of common questions relating to the ER01 fault code on the Biasi Boiler. What does the ER01 fault code mean on my Biasi boiler?

Why is the water pressure low in my Biasi boiler?

If the pressure seems ok, it’s likely that the fault is being caused by a problem with water circulation. Circulation problems with Biasi boilers are almost always caused by a fault with the central heating pump. Pumps are difficult and expensive components to fix and you will need to get an engineer to take a look.

What should the filling bar be on a Biasi boiler?

For most Biasi boilers, this should be set at around 1.5 bar. If it is lower than this, you can top it up using the external filling loop. Topping up will solve the problem temporary, but if the issue reoccurs, it is likely to be caused by a leak somewhere in your boiler or central heating system.

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