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How do I turn off Bluetooth on my iHome?

How do I turn off Bluetooth on my iHome?

Select ‘iHome iBT235’ on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect. 3. If pairing is successful, the Bluetooth indicator appears on the iBT235 display, indicating the unit is ready to play music. To reset Bluetooth settings, press and hold the Bluetooth Button for 10 seconds.

How do I turn the Bluetooth on my iHome alarm?

Press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button on the back of the unit for 2 seconds. The unit will beep and the Bluetooth icon will flash on the display, indicating the unit is in pairing mode. 3. “iHome iBT22” should appear in your device’s menu.

How do I turn on the Bluetooth on my iHome speaker?

» Make your Bluetooth device “discoverable” » Power on speaker » The first time the unit is powered on it will enter auto-pairing mode. » To manually pair, press and hold Bluetooth Button for 2 sec. » Select “iHome iBT620” on your device’s Bluetooth menu to complete pairing.

How do I change iHome settings?

Press and Hold the Time Set Button located on the back of the unit until the display flashes. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the clock to the current time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM time.

Why does my iHome speaker keep beeping?

The unit will attempt to auto-link to the last paired Bluetooth device when within a 30 foot range. The unit will emit a “beep” and will display the word “PAIR” on the screen. To prevent the unit from auto-linking, you may do either of the following: 1. Turn-off the Bluetooth function on your device (smartphone, etc.)

How do I turn off the alarm on my iHome health?

Turning Alarms ON/OFF: Press and release the Alarm Button twice within 5 seconds to toggle the alarm ON and OFF, indicated by the related white alarm indicator.

How do I turn off the alarm on my iHome alarm?

How to Turn Off the Alarm on an iHome

  1. Set the correct time on the iHome clock.
  2. Check the lower part of the clock display for the alarm time.
  3. Press the alarm button once to activate the alarm review mode.
  4. Press the alarm button once more during the alarm review mode to turn off the alarm.

Does iHome have Bluetooth?

Wirelessly stream music from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Alarm Can Be Set To Bluetooth Audio, FM Radio Or Built-in Tone.

How do I unpair a Bluetooth speaker?

Unpair speakers first: Bluetooth menu > (find speaker name or model number) > look for “forget device” or “unpair.” Then reset: Hold button combination such as power button, Bluetooth button, and or a volume button. Check the manual for details.

Why is my iHome ibt230 not connecting to my Device?

It may be that the iHome iBT230 is low on power, and that might explain why it is having trouble staying connected with your device, despite being in range. Simply recharge the iHome iBT230 if this is the case, or replace the backup batteries.

How do I Pair My Bluetooth device with my Device?

Turn on your Bluetooth device and make it “discoverable” by turning on Bluetooth mode (check in Options or Settings). Press and hold the Play/Pause/Pairing Button for 2 seconds.

Where can I find more information about the ibt230?

General information, answers to technical questions, and other related information can be found within the product manual. Download warranty information for the iBT230. View the iBT230 support page for registration, FAQs, and more.

How does Bluetooth implementation work?

Bluetooth implementation varies depending on your device’s hardware and operating system. When you power ON the unit, it will automatically link with the last previously paired Bluetooth device if the device is within range (about 33 feet).

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