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How do I use acclaim badges?

How do I use acclaim badges?

Step-by-step instructions: GmailFrom Acclaim, click the badge you’d like to embed in your email signature. Within Gmail’s settings, access your email signature.Right click to paste the badge image into the signature. Back in Acclaim, click the blue ‘Share’ button underneath your badge.

What are Acclaim badges?

A badge issued through Acclaim is a digital representation of a learning outcome, experience or competency. Based on the Open Badges Standard, Acclaim badges can be shared and verified online in a way that is easy and secure. Acclaim badges link to metadata that provides context and verification.

How do I add the acclaim badge to my email signature?

Can I attach my badge to my email signature?Log into your Acclaim account and select the badge you’d like to add to your email signature from your Dashboard.Select the share button at the top the page. Select the tab with the download icon, and use the sliding scale to select the appropriate size for your image download.

How does acclaim work?

The Acclaim web service sends an email notification to the Earner containing a link to the Acclaim web site, which can be used to accept the badge. The Earner clicks on the accept badge link from the email notification. After accepting the badge, the Earner can share the badge to social media or by email.

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