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How do you calculate bulk modulus of elasticity?

How do you calculate bulk modulus of elasticity?

The bulk modulus is defined by(a)β=p(Δρρ)where p is the gauge pressure which causes the density change Δρ of a liquid whose density at p = 0 is ρ.

What is the formula for bulk modulus answer?

Sometimes referred to as the incompressibility, the bulk modulus is a measure of the ability of a substance to withstand changes in volume when under compression on all sides. It is equal to the quotient of the applied pressure divided by the relative deformation.

What is m in bulk modulus formula?

Bulk modulus formula is – Its dimension is force per unit area. We express it in the units of newton per square meter (N/m²) in the metric system.

What is the bulk modulus of elasticity *?

Bulk Modulus of elasticity is one of the measures of mechanical properties of solids. Bulk modulus defines the ability of a material to resist deformation in terms of volume change, when subject to compression under pressure.

What is bulk modulus of elasticity Mcq?

Bulk modulus of elasticity, K: It is defined as the ratio of normal stress to the volumetric strain within the elastic limit. Modulus of rigidity, η: It is the ratio of tangential stress to shearing strain.

What is bulk formula?

The formula for bulk modulus is bulk modulus = – ( pressure applied / fractional change in volume). Bulk modulus is related to elastic modulus.

What is Young’s modulus and bulk modulus?

Young’s Modulus is the ability of any material to resist the change along its length. Bulk Modulus is the ability of any material to resist the change in its volume.

Does gas have bulk modulus?

The bulk modulus of a gas in an isobaric process is zero. The compressibility of a gas is the reciprocal of its bulk modulus i.e., K=1/B K = 1 / B . The speed of sound in a gas is related to its bulk modulus by v=√B/ρ v = B / ρ , where ρ is the density of gas.

What is the expression for bulk modulus Mcq?

Explanation: k = 1/β, where k= Bulk Modulus of elasticity and β= compressibility. Thus the unit of Bulk modulus is N/m2 and the unit of compressibility becomes m2/N.

What is capillarity and bulk modulus of elasticity?

It is the property of the liquid or fluid due to which there will be a change in volume/density when the fluid is subjected to an external force and is represented by Bulk Modulus of Elasticity (k). Compressibility is the reciprocal of Bulk Modulus of Elasticity. Real Fluids are compressible.

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