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How do you describe a dragonfly?

How do you describe a dragonfly?

Dragonflies have long, delicate, membranous wings which are transparent and some have light yellow colouring near the tips. Their bodies are long and slender and they have a short antennae. Dragonflies are very colourful, for example the Green Darner Dargonfly has a green thorax and a blue segmented abdomen.

What is special about dragonflies?

1 ) Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve, some 300 million years ago. 6 ) Dragonflies are expert fliers. They can fly straight up and down, hover like a helicopter and even mate mid-air. If they can’t fly, they’ll starve because they only eat prey they catch while flying.

What is a dragonflies habitat?

They are most abundant an diverse in slow-moving freshwater that has no fish (small streams and ponds) but can be found in many shallow freshwater habitats. Adult dragonflies often stay near water, but sometimes travel away from water while hunting or on migration.

How do you describe dragonfly wings?

Dragonfly wings possess great stability and high load-bearing capacity during flapping flight, glide, and hover. The veins and membranes have a complex design within the wing that give rise to whole-wing characteristics which result in dragonflies being supremely versatile, maneuverable fliers.

What colors are dragonflies?

Dragonflies come in all sorts of colors like yellow, red, brown, and blue; sometimes the wings have brown spots and bands. Male damselflies typically have iridescent wings and some type of colorful blue, green, or purple body, while the females usually have a golden brown color, even on their wings.

Why is a dragonfly called a dragonfly?

He stated that the Romanian word for Devil was “drac,” but that drac was also the Romanian word for dragon. He thought that eventually the Romanian name for the Devil’s Fly was erroneously translated to the English Dragon Fly and this eventually evolved into the “dragonfly!”

What are dragonflies attracted to?

Dragonflies, one of the oldest known insects, are attracted to boggy, wet areas and are often found hanging around garden ponds and fountains. These beneficial creatures can be an asset to the garden, keeping menacing insects to a minimum.

What is a dragonflies prey?

Dragonflies eat other insects, such as flies, midges and mosquitoes. They will also take butterflies and even smaller dragonflies. Prey is normally caught in mid-air, with the dragonfly using its long legs to catch its quarry. the food will them be carried to a perch where it is eaten.

What is the structure of a dragonfly?

An adult dragonfly has three distinct segments, the head, thorax, and abdomen, as in all insects. It has a chitinous exoskeleton of hard plates held together with flexible membranes. The head is large with very short antennae. It is dominated by the two compound eyes, which cover most of its surface.

What color are dragonflies?

Why are dragonflies colorful?

Dragonflies including damselflies are colorful and large-eyed insects, which show remarkable sexual dimorphism, color transition, and color polymorphism. Non-iridescent blue color is caused by coherent light scattering from the quasiordered nanostructures, whereas iridescent color is produced by multilayer structures.

What are some interesting facts about dragonflies?

Interesting facts about dragonflies. They are able to see both in the normal visual spectrum and in the ultraviolet spectrum. Though dragonflies flap their wings slower than many other insects (about 30 flaps per second), they fly very fast and also change their direction in a flash, so their victims have almost no chance to escape from them.

What are facts about dragonflies?

Dragonflies are insects with multifaceted eyes. They have strong transparent wings and sometimes, they have colored patches. There are more than 5,000 species of dragonflies currently discovered. Take a look below for 27 more interesting and weird facts about dragonflies. 1. Dragonflies are found on every continent except Antarctica. They like to live in temperate,…

What is the life cycle of a dragonfly?

There are three stages in the life-cycle of all dragonflies: egg, larva (also known as a nymph) and adult. Female dragonflies can lay hundreds of eggs during their adult lives, in batches over a few days or even weeks. Endophytic eggs are elongated in shape and are laid into plant material.

What do adult and immature Dragonflies eat?

What Do Adult And Immature Dragonflies Eat? All dragonflies and damselflies are predators, in both their immature and adult life cycle stages. They feed mainly on other insects . Dragonflies are efficient and effective hunters, whether in the aquatic larval stage or the terrestrial adult stage. As adults, dragonflies feed on other live insects.

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