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How do you get a candidate to accept a job offer?

How do you get a candidate to accept a job offer?

How to get a candidate to accept an offer#1Sell both the opportunity and the organization. #2Streamline the hiring process. #3Communicate well during the process. #4Set expectations often. #5Respect the candidates’ time and confidentiality. #6Make the candidate feel wanted. #7Make a compelling overall offer.

How do you effectively work with recruiters?

14 Tips for Working With RecruitersKnow your goals. What is your niche? Keep your resume current. Most recruiters will want to see your resume before meeting with you. Interview recruiters. Be courteous and respectful. Follow through with commitments. Trust recruiters to do their job. Help recruiters help you. Be open about working with other recruiters.

What do you do if a recruiter ghost you?

Here are 6 things to do when a recruiter ghosts you.Wait At Least 48 Hours. After going to an interview, it’s natural to want to know the results right away. Do Some Digging on Google. Send a Follow-Up Email. Call The Recruiter Directly. Keep Applying to Other Positions. Move On.

Should I disclose my salary to a recruiter?

Never tell an employer your old salary because he’ll use it to cap any offer he makes to you. There’s no good reason to give employers — or their recruiters — your salary history. But the only good reason to tell a headhunter your old salary is if it’s going to help you get a higher job offer.

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