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How do you get to the bunker in Borderlands 2?

How do you get to the bunker in Borderlands 2?

The Bunker is a location in Borderlands 2. It is the place where BNK3R is fought during the mission Where Angels Fear to Tread. The area is accessible only via Thousand Cuts after Claptrap has enabled access through the security gate. It cannot be fast-traveled to; however, it has a one-way fast-travel station.

What are the best guns in Borderlands 2?

The 10 Most Powerful Guns From Borderlands 2 (That We Need To See In 3)

  1. 1 Norfleet.
  2. 2 Sandhawk.
  3. 3 Ogre.
  4. 4 Rubi.
  5. 5 Baby Maker.
  6. 6 Interfacer.
  7. 7 Unkempt Harold.
  8. 8 Conference Call.

Can you fight Terramorphous in normal mode?

Terramorphous becomes easier on normal mode without the health and damage multipliers and it is recommended to farm him on normal mode. The only reason to farm Terramorphous on TVHM is if you are looking for a real challenge.

What Legendaries does the warrior drop?

The Warrior has an increased chance to drop the legendary Conference Call shotgun, Impaler shield, Flakker shotgun, Leech grenade mod, Handsome Jack’s Mask (class specific), and the Volcano sniper rifle.

Where is the farm bunker?

The Farmland bunker location was revealed to be in the H6 grid of the map in Verdansk in the lower right corner of the battle royale map. The largest building in the Farmland area of Verdansk with a keypad inside is the Farmland Bunker and is locked by a door and can be unlocked by a code.

Where is the hidden bunker in fortnite?

You’re looking for a campsite just a little northeast of that little snowcap there, up in the mountains near the edge of the cliff. Just down the slope from that campsite are two trees, with a big bush in the middle. Hit the bush with your pickaxe and you’ll see the bunker within.

Does BNK3R Respawn?

BNK3R most definitely respawns.

What is the final mission in Borderlands 2?

The Talon of God is the final story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. The mission is performed, starting at Sanctuary and continuing in Eridium Blight, Hero’s Pass and Vault of the Warrior locations.

Does BNK3R drop Legendaries?

BNK3R not dropping any legendaries or heads.

Where is Vermivorous the invincible?

Areas in which large numbers of varkids are found are ideal for getting Vermivorous to spawn. Varkids can be found in abundance within the Caustic Caverns and the Tundra Express – Farmhouse, both of them with convenient Fast Travel stations near the varkid spawn areas.

How do I get a norfleet?

Norfleet is a legendary E-tech rocket launcher manufactured by Maliwan in Borderlands 2. It can be obtained as a common drop from Vermivorous the Invincible or a rare drop from Hyperius the Invincible.

What does Fools rush in where angels fear to tread mean?

Definition of fools rush in (where angels fear to tread) —used to say that it is foolish to take action if one does not know much about what he or she is doing.

Who wrote Fools rush in?

Johnny Mercer

How do you beat where angels fear to tread?

Where Angels Fear to Tread

  1. After talking to Roland, go convice Claptrap to help attack Jack.
  2. After talking to Claptrap in Sanctuary, fast-travel to Thousand Cuts and meet up with him again.
  3. Let Claptrap go through the barrier, and shut it off.
  4. Fight your way through the enemies with the help of Brick’s Buzzards.

How do you farm in Borderlands 2?

Farming is conducted by finding a chest and looting the items inside then saving the profile and re-entering the game. When players re-enter, the chests will have been respawned and can be reopened for more items or weapons.

Why is there no slag in Borderlands 3?

There is no slag – we replaced it with something that actually makes a little sense. The new “element” damage type, which is like a nuclear radiation effect, has a similar effect to slag (increased vulnerability by those affected) and also has a damage-over-time component.

Where Angels Fear to Tread was written by?

E. M. Forster

How do I farm Vermivorous the invincible?

Larva -> Pod -> Adult -> Pod -> Badass -> Pod -> Super Badass -> Pod -> Ultimate Badass -> Let it go on a murder spree -> Pod -> Vermivorous. Basically what you need to do is run around and kite a group of Varkids (draw aggression but don’t kill) until they grow into morph pods. Do not kill the varkids or pods.

Can you get Vermivorous in normal mode?

Based on this forum post and personal experience, Vermivorous cannot spawn on normal mode. According to the description in the video below, he’ll spawn at level 42 in playthrough 2 and 53 in 2.5.

What ammo does the norfleet use?

Fallen Stars

Can Hyperius drop the norfleet in normal mode?

Yes, Hyperius can drop the Norfleet on Normal.

Can you solo ultimate Vault Hunter mode?

The game’s difficulty scales depending on how many players are in the game, so UVHM is definitely not designed for co-op and is very much viable solo. If it was designed for co-op, Gearbox wouldn’t have implemented a system that makes enemies even harder and more numerous when more players join your game.

Can you slag the BNK3R?

Was killing him as Gaige and went to slag a loader with my Slagga. Close Enough/the Nth degree must have ricocheted some slag his way and I suddenly killed him a hell of a lot faster than usual.

What happened slag?

Gearbox has revealed that slag – introduced in Borderlands 2 as a toxic element which could be fired from guns – will be replaced by radiation in Borderlands 3.

Can you slag Terramorphous?

You can slag Terramorphous? Yes, Senpai HAS noticed you!

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