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How do you get vampire class in Bravely Default?

How do you get vampire class in Bravely Default?

The Vampire is a job in Bravely Default, obtained by defeating Lord DeRosso in Vampire Castle. The Vampire job is similar in nature to the classic Blue Mage, in that users can gain and wield the abilities of enemies.

How to get Vampire Asterisk?

The Vampire Asterisk sub-scenario can be attempted after defeating Braev Lee, Edea’s father, in Chapter 4. After defeating Braev, you may head northwest to the Vampire Castle (NOTE: If you have not defeated the Zombie Dragon boss, you must do so to continue).

How do you beat the salamander in Bravely Default?

Strategy. As with Mizuchi and Wyvern, two Black Mages and two Templars are easily capable of ending Salamander. The Templars should use Rampart whenever necessary, and Black Mages should use Blizzaga. The BP Recovery support ability is handy, recovering 2 BP whenever Salamander uses its Scorching Eye ability.

How do you beat Ladon in Bravely Default?

A single Ninja with Turn Tables, Comeback Kid and Transience can easily take down Ladon by itself. Simply make sure Utsusemi is always up and attack whenever BP allows it. Never go below -1 BP however since that means Ladon can attack several times thus penetrating the Utsusemi defense.

How do you beat Cerberus in Bravely Default?

Battle. Their Hellfire attack deals a high amount of fire damage to the entire party, and they will respond to physical attacks with their Payback ability, dealing a large amount of damage to the target. As such, magical attacks such as Blizzaga are ideal to defeat them.

Are you stuck in Bravely Default’s side-quest?

Most of Bravely Default is pretty straightforward, but one side-quest in particular had me a little stuck. It’s not necessarily something you won’t be able to work out on your own, but before you’ve unlocked the Vampire Asterisk you may find yourself a little confused.

Is it good to level up as a vampire?

It is good to level a Vampire for nearly any Job you use. Get as many Genome abilities that you can. Some abilities are very helpful and can do a lot of damage. Thirst abilities are your friend. When fighting normal enemies, you can use Battle Thirst to gain extra BP and make the enemy lose a turn.

How do you get the most magic damage as a vampire?

Dual-wield Rods if you want the most Magic Damage. Vampires have the Genome Drain Specialty. This allows you to learn certain abilities from enemies if they target the Vampire with them. I will be doing a formal guide on all the Genome abilities, but there are some available in Chapter 4.

Where do I go after beating Braev the Templar?

After defeating Braev the Templar, go to the south exit of Eternian Central Command, towards Eternia City. Take the path to the west and defeat the zombie dragon if you haven’t already.

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