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How do you praise in Japanese?

How do you praise in Japanese?

How to compliment in Japanese

  1. 素敵 [Suteki] – Fantastic! Beautiful!
  2. かっこいい [Kakkoii] – Cool!
  3. かわいい [Kawaii] – Cute!
  4. すばらしい [Subarashii] – Wonderful!
  5. 上手 [Jouzu] – You’re good at this!
  6. 優しい [Yasashii] – You’re so kind!
  7. 頑張っているね [Ganbatteirune] – You sure are working hard!
  8. 美味しい [Oishii] – Yummy!

What does TOZO mean in Japanese?

Toso is written using two kanji: 蘇 representing evil spirits and 屠 meaning to slaughter. Toso is made by combining several medicinal herbs to form tososan (屠蘇散), a spicy mixture, which is then soaked in sake or mirin.

What is a domei?

Dōmei, (Japanese: Japanese Confederation of Labour) abbreviation of Zen Nihon Rōdō Sōdōmei, Japan’s second largest labour union federation until it disbanded in 1987. A moderate union, Rengō became Japan’s centre of organized labour.

What is the meaning of excellent in Japanese?

ˈɛk sə lənt. Would you like to know how to translate excellent to Japanese? This page provides all possible translations of the word excellent in the Japanese language. 偉い, 優れた, 優良, 素晴らしい Japanese.

How to say excellent in Japanese?

excellent. Japanese Translation. 優れた. Sugureta. More Japanese words for excellent. 素晴らしい adjective. Subarashī wonderful, amazing, fine, superb, awesome. 優良 adjective.

How od you say excellent in Japanese?

Q: How to say You made a wise choice. in Japanese?

  • A: 君は賢い選択をした(human translation)
  • Q: How to say You may act however you wish. in Japanese?
  • A: 君の好きなように振舞って良い (human translation)
  • Q: How to say We gladly accept your offer. in Japanese?
  • A: 喜んでお申し出をお受けします (human translation)
  • What is good job in Japanese?

    good job. Japanese Translation. よくやった. Yoku yatta. More Japanese words for good job. よくできました. Yoku dekimashita good job. Find more words!

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