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How do you pronounce Aouar?

How do you pronounce Aouar?

The correct way to say “Aouar” is by pronouncing it: “Ow-arr”.

What position is Aouar?

MidfielderHoussem Aouar / Position
Aouar has flipped between two roles: as a wide-left attacking midfielder and a left-sided central midfield role. The latter suits his skillset more than the former. Wherever he has played, Aouar has been a revelation and the outstanding performer of an academy group from which so much has been expected.

Where is Aouar originally from?

Lyon, FranceHoussem Aouar / Place of birth

How old is Aouar?

23 years (June 30, 1998)Houssem Aouar / Age

What team does Aouar play for?

Olympique Lyonnais#8 / Midfielder
France national football teamMidfielderFrance national under-21 football teamMidfielder
Houssem Aouar/Current teams

Is houssem aouar any good?

Aouar is an above average creator for his position as can be seen by the scatter below. He creates 4.54 Shot-Creating Actions per90, which is in the top 98th percentile for players in his position. He outranks Liverpool’s current midfield options in assists, expected assists and key passes per90 this season.

What team does aouar play for?

Has Arsenal signed for aouar?

Arsenal transfer target Houssem Aouar ‘agrees to join Gunners after no concrete offers from Barcelona or Juventus’

Is Aouar a good player?

He’s skillful in the air for a CM, despite measuing just 1.75m, and he’s also a very good finisher in open play. His style is bit risky, though; he’s a prolific dribbler, but his skill in ground duels isn’t really exceptional.

Is Tammy Abraham a Arsenal fan?

TAMMY ABRAHAM might fulfil one of his childhood dreams if the Chelsea striker seals his loan move to Arsenal. The Blues star has admitted he was a Gunners fan who idolised their strike legend Thierry Henry. Back in 2017 he said: “To be honest I was an Arsenal fan. “It didn’t make any difference at Chelsea.

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